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Egypt - Politics
10/30/2012 5:40:12 PM
Armed forces spokesman eschews allegations that six Israeli F-35s - rather than Egyptian military aircraft practicing manoeuvres - breached country's airspace in Monday overflight

World - Region
10/14/2012 2:16:49 PM
Iran's defence minister Ahmad Vahidi says Hezbollah's launch of a drone into Israeli airspace a few days ago proves Iranian military capabilities

World - Region
10/14/2012 12:36:38 PM
Turkish flights banned from Syrian airspace in retaliation for confiscation of Russian-made 'radar equipment' on its way to Damascus from Moscow

World - Region
10/6/2012 4:08:57 PM
Israel military shot down a drone entered its airspace from the Mediterranean Sea, no reports of the identity of the drone has been released yet

World - Region
10/2/2012 6:47:50 PM

World - Region
9/22/2012 2:07:35 PM
Amid intelligence reports of overflights carrying arms from Iran to Syria, the White House pressures Iraqi authorities to block the weapons flow

World - Region
9/20/2012 4:28:41 PM
Iraq denies the passage of Iranian aircraft carrying weapons and military personnel to Syria in support of the ruling regime via its airspace

World - Region
7/17/2012 2:51:31 PM

World - Region
6/24/2012 3:34:00 PM
Turkey charges Syria shot down its clearly Turkish-marked military jet in international airspace on Friday without warning and declares it will formally consult its NATO allies on a reaction

World - Region
6/24/2012 12:05:51 PM
Fighter jet was shot down in international airspace, 13 nautical miles from Syria, says Turkish foreign minister, though Syria has stated plane had violated its airspace

World - Region
5/17/2012 4:23:19 PM
In latest diplomatic row between Turkey and Israel, Turkey tells Israel off over 'violation' of its airspace by crossing into the northern part of Cyprus and demands an 'explanation'

Business - Economy
4/3/2012 2:45:13 PM
Serious safety concerns mean Libya carriers are barred from European airspace until at least November

World - Region
2/18/2012 1:06:25 PM
US officials allegedly admit that spy drones are operating in Syrian airspace, without Assad government permission and with not even an embassy as a pretext

World - Region
12/7/2011 1:29:52 PM
The Iranian government reveals the location of where the US drone was shut down, saying that it was detected over the eastern town of Kashmar, some 140 miles (225 kilometers) from the border with Afghanistan

World - Region
12/4/2011 6:41:08 PM
Iran threatens to respond to American violations of its airspace after it says it had shot down a US drone in the country's east

World - Region
10/30/2011 10:41:37 AM
Iraq will not be able to defend its borders and airspace until at least 2020, a watchdog quotes Iraq's top general as saying in a report on Sunday, just months before US troops are to leave

Egypt - Politics
6/6/2011 5:30:50 PM
Air traffic control officers announced a four-hour strike for Thursday as they threaten to shutdown airspace in protest at corruption and poor working conditions

World - International
5/23/2011 4:43:10 PM
Icelandic airspace partially opened amid speculations about when Iceland's main Keflavik airport will be reopened

World - Region
5/7/2011 5:46:16 PM

World - Region
3/21/2011 6:01:30 PM
Spain joins the military operation over Libyan airspace

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