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11/25/2018 3:06:20 PM
Biography of the Forbidden Novel was published a few months ago by Al-Ain Publishing House and led to the discovery of a buried treasure of Mahfouz manuscripts
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9/27/2017 10:00:00 AM
Kuwaiti pioneer of the novel Laila Al-Othman reflects on her life and career as an author in her autobiography
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10/3/2013 6:19:58 PM
The newly-released collection of short stories by Egyptian author Soheir Sabry weaves a personal search for 'salvation' into the backdrop of the events that took place in the country over the past two years
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9/18/2013 3:21:03 PM
Dar Al-Ain Publishing House hosts Syrian writer Rahim Hassawy on Sunday 22 Sep, 6:00pm, to sign his latest release
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8/25/2013 2:26:08 PM
Moroccan author Yaseen Adnan releases a collection of short stories mixed with poetry
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7/28/2013 2:42:09 PM
'No Knives in this City's Kitchens' is a new novel by Khaled Khalifa about disappointment in a society stifled by an overbearing ruling party
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6/23/2013 12:42:50 PM
Pilot and Major General Okasha reveals many unknown details about the role of Egypt's ousted president Mubarak in the war against Israel in 1973
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6/16/2013 1:26:21 PM
Ahmed El-Fakharany's new novel changes narrative and fantasy in Egyptian writing
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3/24/2013 5:54:50 PM
Al-Ain Publishing house, will host Hamdy El-Batran, to discuss his book tracking the practices of the Security apparatus in Egypt since the 1980's
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1/22/2013 8:49:37 PM
Publishers compete to offer their best during the highlight of the cultural season; this year's book fair releases focus on political and social themes, in comparison with the historical focus on novels and self-help books
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10/23/2012 12:33:36 PM
Azab's third novel takes the threads of the story of Jacob and Rachel and expands it into a reflection on life and longing
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9/18/2012 12:33:46 PM
Renowned author Amin will reveal two new books at celebration of Al-Ain publishing house's new premises in downtown Cairo, Tuesday
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5/30/2012 7:10:18 PM
Alam Al-Mandal (Oracle’s World) by Ahmed Abdel-Latif, Cairo: Al-Ain Publishing, 2012. 89pp.
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4/18/2012 6:43:15 PM
Abdel-Latif imagines a world in which women develop male sexual organs to investigate issues surrounding femininity
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1/3/2012 10:16:13 AM
El-Qadi argues for secularism from an Islamic and historical point of view
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12/31/2011 6:00:46 PM
As the year comes to a close, Ahram Online Books asks prominent Egyptian intellectuals what their favourites reads were of 2011
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10/10/2011 2:02:09 PM
Ahmed Sabry Aboul-Fotouh's latest novel, on the January 25 Revolution, charts the rich context that lead to and culminated in the January popular uprising
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9/13/2011 3:11:24 PM
Ezzedine Choukri Fishere's latest novel, nominated by the publisher for the Arabic Booker, takes the conflict of Arabs abroad into a new dimension
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8/17/2011 2:27:39 PM
Al-Ain publishing house will host a seminar on translation in Egypt on Wednesday 17 August lead by Ahmed Hassan, translator of the book Welcome to the Desert of Reality
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7/14/2011 11:23:38 PM
The owner of Al-Ain publishing house talks to Ahram Online about the successes and risks of the business

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