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Arts & Culture - Music
12/28/2012 12:47:16 PM
Cairo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ahmed El-Saedi will give New Year's Concert in Cairo on 31 December and in Alexandria on 1 January

Arts & Culture - Music
12/5/2012 1:20:55 PM
The concert scheduled for Saturday 8 December at the Alexandria Opera House has been cancelled for security reasons

Arts & Culture - Music
10/25/2012 12:00:00 AM
The Czech Republic’s Prague Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Ahmed El-Saedi will perform 1 November at the Cairo Opera House and 2 November at the Alexandria Opera House

Arts & Culture - Music
10/3/2012 8:30:31 PM
The Alexandria Opera Ensemble for Arab Music and Singing celebrates the legacy of oud master Farid Al Atrash in two concerts this week

Timeout - Music & Nightlife
9/27/2012 2:05:08 PM

Timeout - Music & Nightlife
9/27/2012 1:44:27 PM
Morning Children Choir

Timeout - Music & Nightlife
9/27/2012 1:29:54 PM
Remembering Baligh Hamdi at Sayed Darwish Theatre, Alexandria

Arts & Culture - Music
9/25/2012 7:52:59 PM
Under the baton of conductor Mahmoud Osman, the Alexandria Opera Orchestra will perform a selection of favourites on Thursday

Arts & Culture - Music
8/6/2012 5:08:08 AM
The popular music group will perform a selection of favourites on Monday, 5 August, at the Sayed Darwish Theatre at Alexandria's opera house

Arts & Culture - Music
5/8/2012 1:27:38 PM
On Friday, 11 May, soloists from the Cairo Opera Company will perform a collection of the most beloved arias from famous operas, songs from musicals and Broadway shows

Arts & Culture - Music
2/20/2012 10:35:08 AM
On Sunday 26 February, the string orchestra of the Alexandria Opera House invites the audience to delight in most recognizable concertos by Vivaldi, The Four Seasons

Arts & Culture - Music
12/27/2011 11:06:41 AM
Minister of Culture Shaker Abdel-Hamid ends protests at Alexandria Opera House with plans to end favouritism

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
11/15/2011 6:23:52 PM
Minister of culture closes down the opera house and cancels the Arab music festival following workers' strike action demanding better salaries and working conditions

Arts & Culture - Music
10/16/2011 3:43:09 PM
Night of String Orchestra will perform works by Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn and Mendelssohn, on Sunday 23 October

Arts & Culture - Music
9/19/2011 11:18:00 AM
As the 2011/2012 classical music season begins, the Alexandria Opera House String Orchestra adds its share with their concert scheduled on Tuesday 27 September

Business - Economy
7/27/2011 3:19:36 PM
Production at ceramics makers' Alexandria operations grinds to a halt as employees resume protests curtailed in February after a reported pay rise

Arts & Culture - Music
6/24/2011 5:13:17 PM
Maria Juncal’s Flamenco show brings out the strongest emotions in a three-part act, “bitter like life,” “smooth like death” and ‘sweet like love’ for the last night at the Alexandria Opera House 24 June

Arts & Culture - Music
6/8/2011 2:47:41 PM
On Saturday, 11 June at the Cairo Opera House Main Hall and Sunday, 12 June at the Alexandria Opera House, Cairo Symphony orchestra will perform works by Rachmaninoff and Beethoven with piano soloist Mohamed Shams

Arts & Culture - Music
5/24/2011 3:04:39 PM
On Friday 27 May, Alexandria Opera House String Orchestra conducted by Hassan Sharara, will perform at the Alexandria Opera House (Sayed Darwish Theatre)

Arts & Culture - Music
3/31/2011 11:02:49 AM
Following the shortening of the curfew hours, starting on Friday 1 April all evening events planned at Cairo Opera House, Alexandria Opera House and Damanhour Opera will begin at 8 pm

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