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Egypt - Politics
8/7/2020 3:43:01 PM
Ali Abdel-Aal, the speaker of the House of Representatives, spoke about domestic and foreign issues in a wide-ranging interview with Alaa Thabet, the editor-in-chief of Al-Ahram daily
Egypt - Politics
9/7/2018 5:00:00 PM
Egypt - Politics
2/26/2017 8:22:51 PM
Egypt MPs said the death penalty cannot be abolished because doing so would contradict Islamic Sharia
Egypt - Politics
11/14/2016 9:04:58 PM
Parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Al told MPs that any ‎new law should go in line with the ‎constitution rather than serve foreign agendas‎; parliament postpones debate until cabinet presents its own draft
Egypt - Politics
10/17/2016 2:58:28 PM
Speaker Ali Abdel-Al said he is seriously contemplating a joint meeting with Saudi Arabia's Shura Council to put relations between the two countries back on track
Egypt - Politics
9/10/2016 5:20:16 PM
Parliamentary officials unveiled Saturday the details of a celebration aimed at marking parliament's 150-year anniversary
Egypt - Politics
8/20/2016 8:22:21 PM
Debate on a report about corruption in wheat supplies might result in Egypt's parliament withdrawing confidence from Minister of Supply Khaled Hanafi, if it is tabled
Egypt - Politics
7/20/2016 7:06:46 PM
Egypt parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Al told MPs that the discussion of a controversial press law amendment will begin only after the debate on two new civil service and pension laws has been finalised
Egypt - Politics
7/9/2016 6:33:54 PM
Speaker of Egypt's parliament Ali Abdel-Al will visit Moscow on Monday to discuss economic and political relations between Egypt and Russia
Egypt - Politics
5/8/2016 9:40:36 PM
Parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Al urged the board of the Journalists Syndicate to show respect for the law, insisting that security forces did not 'storm' syndicate building to arrest two journalists
Egypt - Politics
5/7/2016 11:53:14 PM
Egyptian speaker of parliament Ali Abdel-Al is expected to devote part of Sunday's plenary session to discussing the current crisis between the Journalists Syndicate and the Interior Ministry
Egypt - Politics
4/18/2016 9:28:34 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/17/2016 10:05:02 PM
The agreement to give two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia will 'soon' be reviewed by parliament; MP Nadia Henry asks for national referendum, while others say step is not necessary
Egypt - Politics
4/7/2016 12:15:34 PM
Speaker Paul Ryan and a congress delegation plan to meet with Sisi 'to discuss shared interests related to security, stability, and the fight against terrorism,' according to the US embassy
Egypt - Politics
3/14/2016 6:23:17 PM
The speaker of Egypt's parliament, Ali Abdel-Al, complained of a 'hostile media campaign' against him and other MPs
Egypt - Politics
3/14/2016 5:29:57 PM
Appeals challenging the validity of MPs name several high-profile parliamentarians including parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Al and the head of the 'In Love of Egypt' parliamentary bloc Sameh Seif El-Yazal
Egypt - Politics
3/13/2016 7:38:48 PM
The speaker of Egypt's parliament Ali Abdel-Al will discuss new media laws with a delegation from the Journalists Syndicate on Monday
Egypt - Politics
3/12/2016 5:27:37 PM
The speaker criticised the EU parliament's resolution on rights in Egypt, describing it as exploitation
Egypt - Politics
3/7/2016 2:15:20 PM
The Iraqi president is expected to meet with Egyptian speaker of parliament Ali Abdel-Al as well as Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayeb
Egypt - Politics
2/29/2016 8:12:51 PM
Dozens of Egyptian MPs accused parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Al of lacking neutrality in a statement on Monday. Gamal Essam El-Din reports
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