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World - Region
10/28/2013 5:42:56 PM
The plant, to be completed in 2023, will be built in Amra, a desert area north of the capital Amman

Business - Economy
10/24/2013 2:09:39 PM
Yahoo says will close its Egypt office but keep open offices in Amman and Dubai as it scales down global operations in pursuit of profitability

Egypt - Politics
10/8/2013 3:37:03 PM
Natural gas exports to Jordan will resume shortly, vows Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour during visit to Amman on Tuesday

World - Region
9/23/2013 6:05:47 PM
The five convicted Jordanians were arrested in February 2012 on the Jordanian-Syrian borders

World - Region
9/22/2013 7:45:12 PM
Syrian rebels fired mortars that landed within the precincts of the Russia embassy in Damascus; attack comes after Moscow mulled sending military observers to Syria

World - Region
9/10/2013 7:38:29 PM
Amman prosecutor ordered the arrest of MP Talal Al-Sharif after he opened fire on MP Qusay al-Damissi, without causing injury, in parliament

World - Region
9/10/2013 1:10:29 PM
Jordanian MP tries to shoot at fellow MP over heated dispute

World - Region
8/27/2013 12:34:54 PM
After closed meeting of army chiefs, Amman says its territories will not be used as launchpad for any military action against next door Damascus

Egypt - Politics
8/19/2013 6:49:36 PM
Jordan FM Nasser Judeh said on Friday that Amman backed Egypt's efforts 'to combat terrorism'

Egypt - Politics
8/14/2013 4:45:21 PM
The Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political arm of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood, called on Egyptians to demonstrate against crackdown on pro-Morsi sit-ins, plan rallies in front of Egypt's embassy in Amman

Arts & Culture - Music
8/1/2013 10:54:43 AM
Independent Egyptian musician Maryam Saleh will perform songs by Sheikh Imam this weekend at The Rainbow Theatre in Amman

World - Region
7/29/2013 12:32:39 PM
Israel and the Palestinians plan to resume peace negotiations this week for the first time in nearly three years after an intense effort by John Kerry to bring them back to the table

World - Region
7/20/2013 10:41:51 AM
John Kerry Kerry announces a hard-won breakthrough to get the Israeli and Palestinian back to the negotiating table

World - Region
7/18/2013 4:05:57 PM
US State Department announces ‘no current plans for resumption of negotiations’ between Israel and Palestine, while in Ramallah Fatah asks for changes to Kerry plan thrashed out in Amman

World - Region
6/29/2013 10:28:38 AM
Kerry cancels a planned trip to the UAE in order to focus on reviving the peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians

World - Region
6/26/2013 3:32:46 PM
"Long before September we need to be showing some kind of progress in some way," John Kerry says as he shuttles between countries in the Middle East trying to find resolution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

World - Region
6/21/2013 4:09:37 PM
Members of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood and youth groups chant anti-Assad and anti-Hezbollah slogans as they take to the streets of Amman

World - Region
5/22/2013 5:00:00 PM
Kerry warns Bashar al-Assad against rejecting a political solution to the two-year Syrian conflict

World - Region
5/22/2013 1:19:29 PM
Syrian National Coalition (SNC) invited to attend Wednesday's 'Friends of Syria' meeting in Amman; acting SNC chief George Sabra expected to attend

Arts & Culture - Music
5/18/2013 2:56:48 PM
Dum Tak music festival in Amman hosts several top alternative bands from Egypt and the Arab world, starting 28 May

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