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World - Region
8/10/2018 6:48:06 PM

World - Region
3/9/2018 11:01:47 AM
Increased stability in Iraq after the forthcoming parliamentary elections should translate into the greater unity and stability of the state and its institutions

World - Region
3/4/2018 9:22:49 PM

World - Region
3/3/2018 11:36:12 AM
In big ways and small Iran is facing resistance to its presence in Iraq

Egypt - Politics
4/18/2017 6:30:17 PM
The Shia cleric heads the National Alliance, a major political bloc in the Iraqi parliament

World - Region
5/22/2014 7:00:09 PM

World - Region
1/26/2012 4:30:16 PM
Iraqi Shia leader Ammar Al-Hakim appears at news conference with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, asserts need for 'strengthening the bonds of friendship' between the two states