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World - Region
7/31/2014 6:26:46 PM

World - Region
7/31/2014 10:27:37 AM

Egypt - Politics
7/22/2014 8:06:27 PM
Twenty gunmen in four vehicles torched a military checkpoint and its ammunition storage leaving 22 border guards killed, says military spokesperson Mohamed Samir

Egypt - Politics
3/20/2014 3:55:46 PM
Striking students blame security forces for the previous day's violence on the campus in which two students allegedly wounded by live ammunition

World - Region
2/24/2014 1:02:21 PM

Multimedia -
1/22/2014 9:29:19 PM
Fighting between Ukrainian protesters and police intensifies in Kiev after four days of violent street battles, leaving two dead from live ammunition

World - Region
11/28/2013 7:20:16 PM

World - International
11/23/2013 2:32:34 PM

Egypt - Politics
10/7/2013 5:28:14 PM
All but 2 of Egypt's 6 Oct casualties at Zeinhom morgue were shot with live ammunition according to forensic reports

Egypt - Politics
9/24/2013 9:32:14 PM
Protest chanting against army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi attacked by residents of Alexandria neighbourhood; live ammunition fired

Egypt - Politics
9/8/2013 2:51:43 PM
Final autopsy report presented to the prosecution reveals Republican Guards club victims were shot by live ammunition in the head and stomach

Egypt - Politics
8/16/2013 8:44:19 PM
Thousands of Islamists protested Friday across Egypt, sparking violence that killed at least 70 people and turned parts of Cairo into battlefields after police authorised the use of live ammunition

Egypt - Politics
8/15/2013 8:17:38 PM
Egypt's interior ministry authorises security forces to use live ammunition to protect themselves and govt buildings from attacks by defiant protesters

World - Region
6/13/2013 11:48:54 AM
Syrian rebels take hold of key military base in Hama province, killing six government troops and seizing ammunition

Egypt - Politics
5/14/2013 10:06:26 PM
A forensic report on the death of journalist El-Husseini Abu-Deif, shot during clashes last December, says sophisticated ammunition was used

World - Region
3/17/2013 11:15:33 AM
Syrian rebels seize a huge reserve of weapons and ammunition including rockets made in Iran after fierce clashes with the regime troops in Aleppo, activists say

Sports - Omni Sports
2/11/2013 6:25:05 PM
Rafa Nadal's worst defeat on a claycourt for nine years offered ammunition to the naysayers but the Spaniard says his recovery from knee injury should be judged over time

World - Region
1/31/2013 6:08:45 PM
Israel says it arrested 20 members of the resistance group Hamas in addition to a variety of ammunition was discovered, including more than 10 different kinds of weapons

Egypt - Politics
1/27/2013 2:54:01 PM
Military spokesperson claims no live ammunition was used in clashes that left at least 32 dead in Port Said on Saturday

Egypt - Politics
1/26/2013 7:27:02 PM
Those killed in clashes with security forces on Friday were shot by live ammunition at close range, sometimes from behind, forensic examinations reveal

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