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Egypt - Politics
4/4/2012 6:26:06 PM
Constitution-drafting assembly to discuss way out of resignation crisis Wednesday; Parliament will hold joint session on issue if solution not found

Egypt - Politics
3/26/2012 10:04:15 PM
Brotherhood's Mohamed El-Beltagi and Wasat's Essam Sultan open talks with resigned constituent assembly members in hopes of luring them back to the body tasked with drafting Egypt's new constitution

Egypt - Politics
3/26/2012 7:21:09 PM
Following resignations by 11 liberal, leftist members from constituent assembly, professor Ebeid withdraws in protest of Islamist-majority, bringing number of women and Christian representatives down to five each

Egypt - Politics
3/26/2012 2:53:56 PM
MP Amr Hamzawy and the few elected liberals resign from the Islamist-dominated constituent assembly; leftist political forces appeal to State Council to declare method of choosing members unconstitutional

Egypt - Politics
3/3/2012 7:27:56 PM
Egypt's parliament held its first joint session Saturday; Tantawi set to speak but was a no-show; Salafists demand 'Islamic identity'; liberals champion rights of minorities; constituent assembly to be elected on 24 March

Egypt - Politics
3/3/2012 4:12:32 PM
Amr Hamzawy demands parliament take action against government infringement on judiciary independence, questioning decision to allow accused US NGO workers to exit country leaving Egyptian counterparts to face charges

Egypt - Politics
3/3/2012 2:34:02 PM
Women, Copts should be fairly represented in constituent assembly tasked with writing new constitution, says liberal MP Amr Hamzawy

Egypt - Politics
2/16/2012 4:02:32 PM
Egypt's real-life revolutionary romance has a happy ending as MP Amr Hamzawy and actress Basma Hassan wed in an intimate ceremony just after Valentine's Day

Egypt - Politics
2/7/2012 12:37:33 PM
MPs begin sit-in outside parliament to condemn police violence during interior ministry clashes and threaten hunger strike 'unless police cease fire'

Egypt - Politics
2/1/2012 5:54:50 PM
Parliament's human rights committee disputes Ibrahim Youssef's comments that interior ministry holds no political prisoners, emergency laws remain in place against terrorism and thuggery

Egypt - Politics
1/30/2012 8:59:00 PM
Liberal representative Amr Hamzawy talks to Ahram Online about his proposed bill that would bring presidential elections forward by two months, putting Parliament, and not the military council, in charge of the electoral process

Egypt - Politics
1/8/2012 5:06:02 PM
Muslim Brotherhood says their presence in Tahrir on 25 January will only be to mark the revolution's one-year anniversary

Egypt - Politics
12/18/2011 7:09:11 PM
Delegation of activists, including several newly-elected MPs, call for ceasefire between security forces and anti-govt protesters

Egypt - Politics
12/18/2011 2:43:30 PM
As hundreds march towards Cabinet headquarters to call for an end to the violence between protesters and the army, newly elected MP's work on a truce

Elections 2011 - News
12/4/2011 3:47:56 PM
Amr Hamzawy says he does not fear the rise of Islamists in Egypt's parliamentary elections

Elections 2011 - News
11/30/2011 7:48:00 PM
Updated coverage of preliminary first round results in Egypt’s first post-Mubarak election

Egypt - Politics
11/20/2011 2:08:14 PM
In response to a police clampdown on protesters in Tahrir, several coalitions and political figures suspended their campaigns for Egypt's parliamentary elections this month

Elections 2011 - Who's who
11/19/2011 1:01:16 PM

Egypt - Elections 2011
11/9/2011 6:30:17 PM
Islamist food donations exploited the religious festival for electoral gain, say leading liberal candidate for parliament Amr Hamzawy as well as leaders of the leftist Revolution Continues electoral bloc

Egypt - Politics
8/19/2011 7:13:00 AM
In what some argue may have done substantial damage to his meteoric political career, upcoming liberal politician Amr Hamzawy has openly declared his love for actress Basma in his daily column

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