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Egypt - Politics
4/28/2012 7:22:52 PM
Cabinet's statement condemns hostile 'individual acts' against Kingdom's embassy, affirms strength of Egypt-Saudi ties

World - International
4/6/2012 11:55:12 AM
Almost 500 Islamist Pakistani activists calls for holy war and set fire to a US flag, demand an American apology for the move of a $10 million bounty on the founder of a terror group

Sports - World
3/22/2012 6:57:04 PM
Premier League chairman Dave Richards described FIFA and UEFA as “gangs”

World - International
2/24/2012 1:21:38 PM
Despite President Barack Obama's apology, violent anti-US protests in Afghanistan are seemingly rising after the desecration of Islam's holy Korans at the Bagram airbase

World - International
2/23/2012 5:56:54 PM
In an attempt to quell anti-US and anti-NATO protests in Afghanistan, US President Barak Obama presents formal apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai over the burning of Qurans by American soldier

Egypt -
2/21/2012 12:59:00 PM
Leftist MP Ziad El-Eleimy will be investigated by parliament for statements against the military council and a prominent Salafist leader after Assembly rejected his 'apology'; army might also prosecute him

Egypt - Politics
2/20/2012 2:22:31 PM
MP Ziad El-Eleimy says he has no plans to issue public apology for perceived insults to military council head Tantawi and Salafist preacher Hassan

Sports - World
2/14/2012 4:07:04 PM
The Merseyside club denies it was pressured by Standard Chartered bank into issuing an apology for Luis Suarez's refusal to shake Patrice Evra's hand following race row

Sports - World
1/21/2012 5:32:54 PM
Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho will not punish Pepe for stamping on the hand of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, saying that the defender’s apology was sufficient

World - Region
1/8/2012 4:33:18 PM
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas calls on Hamas to issue an official apology after preventing a high level Fatah delegation from entering Gaza

Egypt - Politics
1/5/2012 6:22:44 PM
Official news portal of the Wafd Party publishes inaccurate claims about NGOs receiving foreign funding; Al-Wafd journalists protest to party leader

Egypt - Politics
12/20/2011 8:27:08 PM
Egypt’s ruling military, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), apologises to 'great Egyptian women'

Egypt - Politics
12/17/2011 12:00:59 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood has called for elections to continue, while demanding that the ruling military council investigate the cause of the latest clashes with protesters

Sports - Egyptian Football
12/15/2011 1:25:12 PM
Zamalek manager considers Wednesday match against Arab Contractors difficult due to league suspension, denies El-Hadary talks and welcomes Yasser return without apology

Egypt - Politics
11/24/2011 11:37:14 AM
Apology by ruling junta unlikely to appease protesters as clashes continue in Tahrir Square

Sports - Talents Abroad
11/16/2011 5:14:06 PM
Sudanese club vow to continue with their complaint to FIFA against Egyptian international goalkeeper despite the EFA's attempts to settle the matter

Business - Economy
11/8/2011 12:26:58 PM

Egypt - Politics
10/12/2011 12:14:49 AM
Israeli defence ministry issues a long-awaited apology for the killing of five Egyptian soldiers on the Sinai in August

World - International
9/11/2011 11:05:42 AM
Japan's new prime minister apologizes as his trade minister resigned after public pressure for describing the no-go zone, around the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, as "town of death"

Sports - World
9/7/2011 7:14:13 PM
Portugal coach Paulo Bento says Ricardo Carvalho’s walkout from the national squad’s training camp ahead of a Euro 2012 qualifier was “very serious” and warrants a public apology by the Real Madrid defender

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