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Egypt - Politics
1/28/2013 10:27:20 PM
The National Salvation Front refused to participate in the president's dialogue process citing a record of 'broken promises'; Morsi supporters say front prisoner of narrow interests

Egypt - Politics
1/14/2013 3:14:02 PM
Political group calls for retribution and justice for martyrs of Port Said disaster; verdict expected on 26 January

Egypt - Politics
1/9/2013 2:56:43 PM
April 6 Youth Movement and National Front for Change to protest against ‘deteriorating’ economy and ‘undemocratic’ political situation on two-year anniversary of Egypt’s uprising

Egypt - Politics
12/25/2012 3:57:59 PM
April 6 slams the Muslim Brotherhood, reports violations in constitution referendum and declares the 25 January anniversary a ‘day of action’ against the new constitution

Egypt - Politics
11/21/2012 12:37:22 PM
Member of April 6 Youth Movement critically injured, goes into coma, during clashes near interior ministry in central Cairo; anger grows at government failure to reform security forces

Egypt - Politics
11/19/2012 7:13:09 PM
Protesters chant against police and army at the scene of last year's clashes; anti-Muslim Brotherhood sentiment evident

Egypt - Politics
11/18/2012 2:56:20 PM
The withdrawal of a prominent April 6 Youth movement member Ahmed Maher signals a possible final boycott by other non-Islamists and the implosion of Egypt's Constituent Assembly

Egypt - Politics
11/1/2012 12:58:59 AM
Prominent Egyptian youth movement says move will adversely impact nation's small retailers

Egypt - Politics
10/22/2012 8:54:54 PM
Prominent member of April 6 Youth Movement demands that generals Tantawi and Anan be prosecuted for their alleged role in the deaths of protesters since the revolution

Egypt - Politics
10/12/2012 3:42:49 PM
Clashes between pro- and anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Tahrir Square lead April 6 Youth Movement to divert march away from flashpoint

Egypt - Politics
9/26/2012 5:06:42 PM
Organised by April 6 Youth Movement calls for Friday protest in support of military officers jailed for joining revolutionary protests

Egypt - Politics
9/11/2012 1:59:38 PM
April 6 Youth movement accuses SCAF members Hussein Tantawi and Hassan El-Roueini of ignoring complaints they filed earlier last year

Sports - Omni Sports
9/11/2012 10:19:47 AM
Paralympic delegation receives warm reception at Cairo airport following their achievements in the London Games

Egypt - Politics
9/2/2012 3:19:16 PM
April 6 Youth Movement warns leading Muslim Brotherhood figure Essam El-Erian against insulting 'blood of martyrs' after televised claims that army 'never fired bullet at one Egyptian'

Egypt - First 100 days
8/6/2012 4:07:33 PM
Ahmed Maher, leading figure of the April 6 Youth Movement, opts to remain committed to the revolutionary group, which will continue its political role through opposition

Egypt - First 100 days
7/9/2012 12:56:25 PM
Revolutionary group says president's controversial move is an important step in fulfilling the goals of Egypt's revolution

Egypt - Politics
7/8/2012 5:03:18 PM
The April 6 Youth Movement visits Constituent Assembly as part of its "write your own constitution" initiative

Egypt - Politics
7/5/2012 9:20:06 PM
The April 6th Youth Movement launches a new initiative to ensure that the public is heard by the president

Egypt -
7/3/2012 12:34:39 PM
April 6 joins other political groups in bringing the Tahrir Square sit-in, which has lasted 13 days, to an end

Egypt - Politics
6/18/2012 3:32:17 AM
Revolutionary group April 6 Youth Movement announce, Sunday, Tahrir-based demonstrations against recent controversial court decisions and SCAF Addendum Constitutional Declaration

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