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War in Ukraine - Military
3/3/2022 10:06:55 AM
The Russian military's initial invasion of Ukraine has been a surprising strategic and tactical blunder marked by food and fuel shortages, abandoned armored vehicles, aircraft losses and troop deaths, US experts say.

War in Ukraine - Military
3/2/2022 9:22:17 AM
Russia's invasion of Ukraine entered its seventh day on Wednesday, with a huge convoy of Russian tanks and armored vehicles on a road to the capital, Kyiv, and fighting intensifying there and in other big cities.

War in Ukraine - Military
2/28/2022 11:17:05 PM
Satellite images show Russian troops are attacking Ukraine on multiple fronts and are advancing on the capital city of Kyiv.

Egypt - Politics
12/2/2020 9:13:18 PM
This comes as part of Egypt's strategy to develop the public transport system to serve the civil sector and citizens, a statement by the presidency said

Egypt - Politics
11/28/2020 7:39:00 PM
The Iraqi minister voices aspiration to cooperate with the AOI in fields of defense industries, renewable energy, armored vehicles, communications and electronics, digital transformation and others

World - Region
9/19/2020 4:18:00 PM

World - Region
8/24/2020 7:04:20 PM

World - Region
9/11/2015 4:48:23 PM

World - International
6/23/2015 5:03:10 PM

World - Africa
3/24/2012 5:35:27 PM
French defense minister pays a visit to Riyadh to discuss the military bilateral talks between the two countries, following the Saudi government agreement last month with France to buy 73 Aravis French armored vehicles