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World - Region
11/11/2013 11:28:49 AM
Iran's foreign minister says sectarian divide in the Islamic world is a threat to the international security

World - Region
12/21/2012 4:57:50 PM
Moscow does not want to see chaos in Syria, President Vladimir Putin says during EU-Russia summit

World - Region
1/21/2012 5:44:52 PM
Syrian government newspaper claims that Qatar is funding armed rebels in Syria and helping the US 'fuel' the unrest against the Bashar al-Assd regime

World - Region
11/9/2011 11:09:16 AM
Syrian National Council calls on the Lebanese government to take all measures to prevent further kidnappings of Syrian opposition members and to free those still in its custody

World - Region
11/8/2011 11:35:29 AM
While the Syrian condemn what it call "US interference, the pposition called for the "international protection" of civilians