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Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
3/24/2021 3:03:00 PM
Rebuilding trust between Cairo and Ankara will take time and actions as well as words
Egypt - Presidential Elections 2018
3/22/2018 6:15:01 PM
Voters are eligible to cast a ballot and help select Egypt’s next president. They can choose between two candidates — Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi who is seeking a second four-year term, and Ghad Party head Moussa Mostafa Moussa
Egypt - Presidential Elections 2018
2/22/2018 6:26:06 PM
Campaigning in Egypt’s presidential election begins on Saturday with two candidates competing
Egypt - Politics
10/25/2015 5:20:48 PM
In August 2013 Ayman Nour left Cairo after he was told by people close to ‘the decision-makers in Egypt’ that they were fed-up with his opinions
Egypt - Politics
7/26/2015 4:02:00 PM
The six were convicted of storming the liberal party's headquarters in February 2013
Egypt - Politics
7/8/2015 8:01:38 PM
Egypt - Politics
12/8/2014 6:55:14 PM
The liberal politician's reconciliation call meets the doomed fate of previous reconciliation initiatives
Egypt - Politics
11/16/2014 6:50:46 PM
The Conference Party's Salah Hasaballah said Ayman Nour is pro-Muslim Brotherhood and against the will of Egyptians
Egypt - Politics
9/30/2013 4:39:18 PM
Head of Egypt's lawyers' syndicate Ashour refutes earlier statements by administrator that ElBaradei can no longer practice in his home country
Egypt - Politics
6/8/2013 12:06:33 PM
Facing criticism for dialoguing with ruling Brotherhood figures ahead of major protests, liberal politician Ayman Nour retorts against Moussa's accusations over a secret meeting
Egypt - Politics
6/4/2013 9:56:56 AM
Monday's presidential meeting to discuss tripartite report on Ethiopia dam was aired live without informing participants
Egypt - Politics
3/12/2013 9:33:04 PM
Ghad Al-Thawra Party head Ayman Nour says Qandil govt faces imminent dismissal, while cabinet spokesman says such a move isn't even being considered
Egypt - Politics
2/23/2013 2:01:56 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood slams arson attack on the main Ghad Al-Thawra Party offices, accuses Black Bloc
Egypt - Politics
2/22/2013 10:19:42 PM
Six unknown perpetrators set fire to headquarters of liberal opposition Ghad Al-Thawra Party in Cairo's downtown late on Friday
Egypt - Politics
2/21/2013 4:38:00 PM
Ghad El-Thawra founder said he is ready to head the government if he is asked but that might not be necessary, at least yet
Egypt - Politics
2/16/2013 8:45:17 PM
Liberal politician Ayman Nour meets with President Mohamed Morsi to discuss Egypt's political affairs
Egypt - Politics
2/11/2013 4:59:46 PM
Leading members of liberal opposition party Ghad Al-Thawra demand the withdrawal of their leader, Ayman Nour, from the new Islamist-dominated front
Egypt - Politics
2/10/2013 2:24:02 PM
New front made up of Islamists and some non-Islamists, including Ghad Al-Thawra Party head Ayman Nour, formed to 'end bloodshed' and achieve goals of revolution
Egypt - Politics
1/28/2013 8:55:56 PM
President Mohamed Morsi is meeting with several political figures to discuss the current crisis, but key leftist and liberal opposition figures declined to attend
Egypt - Politics
11/29/2012 2:17:19 AM
Constituent Assembly announces new constitution will be put to a final vote on Thursday despite President Morsi's recent declaration giving it an additional two months to complete its work
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