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Egypt - Politics
2/1/2013 6:14:10 PM
Muslim Brotherhood hails Al-Azhar initiative to end political crisis, but tells opposition National Salvation Front (NSF) to drop all 'pre-conditions' for dialogue

Egypt -
2/1/2013 3:17:43 PM

Egypt - Politics
2/1/2013 2:49:55 PM
Handful of 'revolutionary' figures blast new Al-Azhar initiative to end political crisis saying it legitimises security crackdowns on demonstrators

Egypt - Politics
1/31/2013 10:34:00 PM
Egypt's presidential office welcomes Al-Azhar's initiative where political and religious figures denounce violence and uphold national dialogue to resolve current crisis

Egypt - Politics
1/31/2013 6:38:35 PM
Endorsed by parties and groups from across Egypt's political spectrum, ten-point Al-Azhar initiative aims to end country's ongoing political crisis