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7/15/2023 9:50:08 AM
The United Nations is concerned about "unacceptable conditions" set by Damascus for allowing aid to flow through its Bab al-Hawa crossing to rebel-held areas in northwest Syria, according to a document reviewed Friday by AFP.

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7/8/2023 11:18:20 AM
The U.N. Security Council is to vote Monday on extending aid deliveries from Turkey to Syria’s rebel-held northwest, with a resolution sponsored by Brazil and Switzerland calling for a 12-month extension and a rival Russia resolution limiting a renewal to just six months.

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7/4/2023 9:33:36 PM
A UN official visiting Syria's Idlib on Tuesday urged a 12-month extension of a cross-border aid mechanism to the rebel-held, quake-hit region, just days before the current six-month period expires.

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2/9/2023 1:42:43 PM
An aid convoy reached rebel-held northwestern Syria Thursday, the first since a devastating earthquake that has killed thousands, an official at the Bab al-Hawa border crossing told AFP.

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7/11/2022 4:41:45 PM
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday urged his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to extend the authorisation for cross-border deliveries of humanitarian aid into Syria.

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7/10/2022 5:33:35 PM
Residents of Syria's rebel-held northwest may lose access to critical aid within weeks if the UN Security Council does not extend authorisation for cross-border deliveries, which expires Sunday, officials said.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
7/15/2021 7:05:00 PM
A UN Security Council Resolution has extended the use of the Bab Al-Hawa border crossing to deliver humanitarian aid to northern Syria for another six months

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7/8/2021 11:16:34 AM
Whether Russia and China accept keeping Baba al-Hawa open for another year remains to be seen

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7/1/2021 12:16:38 PM
So today, aid can only be delivered through the Bab al-Hawa crossing, and its mandate ends July 10

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10/7/2017 2:03:04 PM

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8/10/2017 8:38:08 PM

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7/22/2012 3:59:50 PM
Jarabulus, Bab al-Hawa and Al-Salama border crossings between Syria and Turkey controlled by Syrian rebels, say Turkish news reports and diplomat; some fighters claim to belong to Al-Qaeda and Shura Taliban