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Business - Economy
11/15/2020 7:43:44 PM
The Saudi Arabia Grant Management Committee has so far funded 2,180 projects in 27 governorates, which have contributed to the creation of about 12,000 job opportunities under a $200 million grant

Egypt - Politics
10/22/2014 7:39:56 PM
Mehanna, head of the arts syndicate unions, was convicted of defrauding Alexandria Bank

Heritage - Islamic
8/1/2013 9:40:32 PM
Palace of French architect Baron De Gillian in downtown Cairo, now Bank of Alexandria, is added to Egypt’s Islamic Heritage List

Business - Economy
7/31/2013 4:21:10 PM
Credit rating cut follows downgrade of parent bank Intesa Sanpaolo which weakens likelihood of support for Egyptian bank in the midst of political unrest

Business - Economy
1/12/2012 5:17:05 PM
Egyptian administrative court will consider lawsuit demanding the cancellation of the sale of state-owned Bank of Alexandria to an Italian finance group in 2006

Business - Economy
9/29/2011 2:44:44 PM
Employees of the Bank of Alexandria are to stage a protest calling for the government to take back ownership of the bank from its Italian majority shareholder

Business - Economy
8/23/2011 2:20:18 PM
Financial institution sees bottom line plunge, as deposits and investments in government securities see rises

Business - Economy
3/3/2011 12:54:05 PM
Workers push for 100 per cent raise and an end to temporary contracts