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Arts & Culture - Film
8/26/2012 12:00:00 AM
Crude humour and a ludicrous leader make The Dictator worth the watch

Timeout - Cinema
8/21/2012 2:52:55 PM
Comedy starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Anna Faris, directed by Larry Charles.

Arts & Culture - Film
5/17/2012 1:23:26 AM
It took no less than a live camel strolling the promenade in Cannes to steal the show on the film festival's opening day, a feat that comedian Sacha Baron Cohen pulled off with chutzpah on Wednesday

Arts & Culture - Film
5/13/2012 9:16:40 AM
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and News Corp head Rupert Murdoch were among the targets of British comic Sacha Baron Cohen's satirical humor late on Thursday at the world premiere of his political spoof "The Dictator"

Arts & Culture - Film
1/3/2012 5:26:19 PM
Star of 'Borat,' 'Bruno' to play Qadaffi-esque tyrant in $58 million film to be released in May