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World - Region
8/26/2011 3:18:20 PM
Three rockets fired in Iraq's southern oil port city of Basra landed inside Iraq and were not aimed at Kuwait or the disputed Mubarak port, an Iraqi official stated

Business - Economy
7/23/2011 12:49:10 PM
The 400-kilometre pipeline will transport crude oil to Toba, Iraq's largest oil storage facility, located in the southern port city of Basra

World - Region
6/13/2011 12:34:10 PM
Explosion at police compound is the first major attack in Basra since March

Arts & Culture - Film
5/5/2011 5:43:36 PM
A documentary festival in Baghdad, Basra and Arbil features films that cover different angles of occupied Iraq

Business - Economy
3/12/2011 2:48:08 PM
Oil exports from Basra, in Iraq, have been restored to usual levels following a bout of bad weather that interrupted shipping

Business - Economy
3/12/2011 1:34:20 PM
After bad weather, export levels are returning to normal in Basra

Business - Markets & Companies
1/2/2011 6:15:07 PM
French companies Schneider Electric and Areva to build 15 power distribution stations in Basra while a Saudi private company is in talks with the Iraqi government to supply power to the southern province

Business - Region
11/29/2010 4:51:24 PM
Dubai carrier Emirates will launch flights to Iraq's city of Basra starting February 2

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