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Egypt - Politics
6/17/2015 8:04:09 PM
Youssef, originally a heart surgeon, wrapped his show in 2014 under increasing pressure not to criticise Egypt's authorities

Egypt - Politics
5/11/2015 9:57:57 PM
It's the first time someone from the Middle East is to host the awards ceremony

Egypt - Politics
5/1/2015 3:16:03 PM
Youssef's satirical show has been off air since 2014

Egypt - Politics
4/15/2015 4:25:44 PM
Egyptian renowned satirist Bassem Youssef wins Silver World Medal at award ceremony in New York

Egypt - Politics
12/22/2014 3:19:59 PM
The renowned TV host and his show's production company "QSoft Ltd" have been fined LE100 million in compensation to CBC network for breaching their contract in November 2013

Egypt - Politics
9/30/2014 12:00:00 PM
Renowned TV satirist Bassem Youssef once again accused of insulting the president

Egypt - Politics
6/24/2014 12:22:30 PM
The prominent author and columnist says 'only praise is allowed nowadays' in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
6/2/2014 5:15:21 PM
Popular satirist calls cancellation of show a 'victory', says he refuses to compromise or 'offend' the show by altering content

Egypt - Politics
5/27/2014 9:56:28 PM
MBC Misr, Deutsheville and Bassem Yousef's program team apologize to viewers the program will not be airing as planned starting Friday, will explain shortly the reasons

Egypt - Politics
4/19/2014 4:08:47 PM
Leading Egyptian satirist's El-Bernameg won't be shown until after voting commences for the upcoming presidential elections in late May

Egypt - Politics
3/23/2014 4:13:43 PM
Youssef, who came under fire last week over a plagiarised article on Crimea, says he will stop writing his weekly column in order to evaluate his 'professional and journalistic mistakes'

Egypt - Politics
3/19/2014 6:47:05 PM
Bassem Youssef, accused of plagiarising a British writer in his weekly column for Al-Shorouk newspaper, admits he made a mistake, though 'inadvertently'

Arts & Culture - Music
3/16/2014 7:59:47 PM
Egyptian singer Mohamed Mohsen, known for his revolutionary music, recounts how authorities stopped him from performing at Egypt's Arts Celebrations event last Thursday

Egypt - Politics
3/16/2014 4:41:18 PM
Bassem Youssef's popular satirical show was jammed for the second week running on Friday

Egypt - Politics
3/15/2014 10:59:21 AM
MBC Misr's signal suffered jamming for the second time during Bassem Youssef show Friday

Egypt - Politics
3/8/2014 10:36:38 AM
Satellite TV channel MBC Misr experienced deliberate jamming of its signal Friday during the airing of Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef's El-Bernameg show

Life & Style - Health
2/28/2014 4:15:03 PM
Second annual Cairo half marathon saw thousands of runners take part

Egypt - Politics
2/24/2014 2:56:23 PM
El-Bernameg returned on 7 February after being cancelled by CBC in October following complaints by supporters of army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi

Egypt - Politics
2/14/2014 1:35:01 PM
Youssef now stands accused of insulting the 'symbols' of the country and military

Egypt - Politics
2/12/2014 9:43:48 PM
Popular satirist stirs up more anger by taking dead aim at loyalists of army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi

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