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5/9/2012 1:26:49 PM
Canada's immigration board rejected an appeal from the millionaire brother-in-law of ousted Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to be allowed to remain in the country

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5/8/2012 10:01:51 AM
An independent commission charged with investigating abuses committed during the January 2011 uprising that ousted Tunisia's longtime dictator has identified more deaths and injuries than previously reported

World - Region
4/13/2012 3:53:41 PM
The exiled brother-in-law of ousted Tunisian President Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali regrets contributing in the old dictatorship before the 2011 revolution and proclaims his readiness to face trial in domestic courts

World - Region
4/7/2012 1:13:04 PM
A military appeals court in Tunisia upholds the convictions of ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and leading figures and officials in his regime

Books -
4/5/2012 4:02:24 PM
Leila Trabelsi, who was mired in the corruption of her husband Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali's regime, is to publish a book on the days leading up to her escape from the country following a popular uprising

World - Region
3/31/2012 3:32:16 PM
Tunisia's Salafists attack artists and smash instruments on World Theatre Day; violence reminds many of previous attacks on women and tourists after Ben Ali's fall in 2011

Business - Economy
3/29/2012 1:59:55 PM
Hillary Clinton has vowed the sum in an effort to support the country's transition to democracy, announces state media

Books -
3/28/2012 5:11:15 PM
Written from inside the horror of a Tunisian jail, local journalist Al-Sharny describes life under the bloody regimes of the country's recent despots Habib Bourguiba and Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali

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3/23/2012 11:11:25 AM
Opposition parties in Tunisia's constituent assembly merge into blocs to challenge ruling Islamist party Ennahda and fight for a secular state

World - Region
2/24/2012 1:18:35 PM
Ben Saida says published photo of naked women and football star which landed him in legal trouble is a 'personal matter'; lawyers say prosecutors used anti-democratic Ben-Ali-era law to infringe on freedom of expression

Business - Economy
2/1/2012 6:04:14 PM
A year since Ben Ali was overthrown, the Tunisian economy is still suffering, with businessmen and government officials blaming a new wave of strikes and sit-ins

Books -
1/30/2012 3:17:24 PM
Three writers discuss their novels portraying Tunisia's modern history and ponder the future of literature in the post-Ben Ali era at the Cairo Book Fair

World - Region
1/20/2012 2:08:15 PM
Residents of Makhtar, a mountain town in central Tunisia, take to the streets to demand some attention from the new government, which they feel has forgotten this archaeological treasure

World - Region
1/14/2012 1:52:31 PM
Tunisia Saturday granted an amnesty or conditional release from prison to 9,000 detainees to mark the first anniversary of the fall of despot Zine El Abidine Ben Ali,

World - Region
1/14/2012 10:29:00 AM
Tunisia on Saturday marks the flight into exile a year ago of the north African country's despot Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali after weeks of a popular uprising that gave birth to the Arab Spring

Business - Economy
1/13/2012 4:02:37 PM
Confiscation of ousted president's assets was 'illegal' and will be referred to the United Nations, claims his lawyer

Arts & Culture - Film
1/11/2012 8:12:00 PM
Americans living in Los Angeles are getting familiar with the Tunisian revolution through film

Sports - National Teams
1/9/2012 8:38:12 PM
Egypt and Tunisia will celebrate the success of their revolutions with a friendly football match in February

World - Region
12/31/2011 1:11:27 PM
After a year of momentous transformations in which dictatorship was overthrown, Tunisians are looking forward to a bright future having elected a democratic assembly and formed a popular coalition government

World - Region
12/29/2011 7:06:17 PM
A young Algerian burns himself in a police station and raises questions about the incident's political implications for a similar accident in neighbouring Tunisia led to the fall of Ben Ali's regime after 23 years in power

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