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World - Region
4/12/2014 6:50:20 PM

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2/18/2014 6:52:14 PM

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1/30/2014 12:14:02 PM

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1/21/2014 6:53:55 PM

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8/13/2013 6:38:05 PM
Members of the ethnic minority group smashed windows and destroyed furniture

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6/25/2013 7:19:41 PM
Nouri Bousahmein, was elected as head of the General National Congress, making him the country's interim leader

Arts & Culture - Music
3/25/2013 6:36:30 PM
Ribab-Fusion speak to Ahram Online about their heritage, background and experiences at the festival

Arts & Culture - Film
3/10/2013 12:00:00 AM
French-Moroccan filmmaker Kamal Hachkar speaks to Ahram Online on his award-winning film 'Tinghir, Echoes from The Mellah' and his passion for rediscovering the heritage of Atlas Mountain Berbers

World - Region
12/13/2012 10:05:22 PM
Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine who formed Morocco's biggest Islamist movement al-Adl Wal Ihsane and the major player in last year's protests that led the monarchy to institute constitutional reforms, dies

Books -
3/17/2012 6:00:36 PM
New book sheds light on the role of the Amazigh in the development of the Islamic state in West Africa

World - Region
11/27/2011 2:36:03 PM
Hundreds of Libya's minority Amazigh Berbers marched Sunday to the premier's office for the second time in three days, stepping up pressure to be represented in the government

Arts & Culture - Music
7/19/2011 1:37:33 PM
A judge on Monday handed 12-year jail terms to two men convicted of killing popular Algerian singer Lounès Matoub, an avid Berber campaigner

World - Region
6/29/2011 10:59:48 AM
France has begun parachuting arms shipments to Berber rebels fighting Libyan leader Muamer Gaddafi's forces in the highlands south of Tripoli

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