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Heritage - Ancient Egypt
10/17/2011 5:04:17 PM
Government antiquities body appoints a committee to assess the salaries and bonuses of staff working on high profile projects

Egypt - Politics
10/14/2011 11:55:57 AM
Raise applies to those workers earning less than LE1,000 a month

Egypt - Politics
9/21/2011 6:58:20 PM
Cabinet approves plan to offer temporary teachers permanent contracts; 600,000 to receive promotions and bonuses

Business - Economy
9/20/2011 6:35:00 PM
Public transport employees threaten to ground all buses on Wednesday if an official decision about bonuses is not issued by the end of today

Egypt - Politics
9/19/2011 4:32:58 PM
Moussa says steps have been taken to improve teachers' financial situation and dignity as strikers demand higher wages and promised productivity bonus

Business - Economy
9/7/2011 3:15:43 PM
Employees are slowing their work as they demand permanent contracts, the payment of bonuses promised since July and an increase in staff numbers to help tackle their heavy workload

Egypt - Politics
9/6/2011 12:49:07 PM
Employees are demanding a pay rise, higher bonus and an improved medical plan

Business - Economy
8/23/2011 5:22:31 PM
Employees will halt bus services in a protest against corruption in the transport authority and to demand the 200 per cent bonus enjoyed by public administration workers

Egypt - Politics
8/17/2011 3:21:40 PM
Railway workers block the railroads, halting train movement in Cairo, Ismailiya, Assiut, Sohag and Aswan to demand for better bonuses

Business - Economy
7/15/2011 3:26:00 PM
A new maximum wage for government workers was supposed to answer calls for social justice, but as data shows no employee will actually be affected the focus is shifting to the public sector's unmonitored bonus system

Business - Economy
7/11/2011 5:39:38 PM
Highest-paid government employees will earn a maximum of 36 times the salary of the lowest but bonus system leaves the door open for incentives

Business - Economy
7/3/2011 6:45:14 PM
Disgruntled workers promise further disruptive action if tomorrow's meeting with the governor fails to address their pay and bonus demands

Egypt - Politics
6/15/2011 4:17:34 PM
The lines ground to a halt this morning in five governorates as workers protest for bonus payments which the ministry claims will be paid next month

Arts & Culture - Film
6/7/2011 2:52:11 PM
The Spanish film festival, which will continue until 10 June, premiered with the powerful Celda 211 (Cell 211), with the added bonus of a speech by the translator who wrote the subtitles

Business - Economy
6/5/2011 4:24:58 PM
Employees demand outstanding wages and bonuses and call on the prime minister to intervene in their dispute with the chain store

Business - Economy
5/17/2011 12:56:15 PM
Investment bank announces cost cutting drive and refuses to rule out further action while announcing the appointment from within of its new chief executive in the Gulf

Business - Economy
4/26/2011 1:54:52 PM
Move aims to increase investment bank's capital by LE200 million

Sports - World
4/1/2011 9:04:37 PM
France international defender William Gallas has threatened to take legal action against the French Football Federation (FFF) unless they pay him his World Cup bonuses, his lawyer told AFP on Friday.

Business - Economy
3/31/2011 1:24:20 PM

Sports - World
12/23/2010 2:59:42 PM
Thierry Henry confirmed Thursday he would be renouncing his World Cup bonus following France's disastrous display in South Africa.

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