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Heritage - Photo Heritage
3/19/2023 2:47:02 PM
Lenhart and Landrock (L&L), one of Egypt's oldest bookshops, photographic collections and publishing houses, is publishing a new book that documents almost 100 years of their work in Egypt.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
1/24/2023 11:15:00 AM
The end of 2022 brought some sad news: an important centre for the dissemination of Arab culture abroad had to close down. The Saqi bookshop was one of the best known bookshops in Europe specialising in Middle Eastern political affairs, literature, history and culture.

Books - News
5/25/2021 4:21:33 PM
Gaza bookshop owner Samir al-Mansour watched in disbelief as the bookshop and publishing house he had poured his life into went up in smoke

Books - News
5/8/2020 2:15:15 PM
Chinese-born Swedish citizen Gui Minhai is the highest-profile of five booksellers who disappeared in 2015, all linked to a bookshop in Chinese-ruled Hong Kong known for its gossipy texts on Chinese political leaders

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
2/12/2020 12:15:25 AM

Books - News
10/2/2017 12:43:37 PM
One of the poorest areas in southern Italy is attempting to cast off the stereotype of Kalashnikov-wielding teens and get its young off the streets by flooding the turf with theatre, cinema and literature

World - International
1/1/2017 8:34:07 PM

Egypt -
10/25/2016 2:29:56 PM

World - Region
11/22/2014 4:46:55 PM

Books - World
10/13/2013 1:34:51 PM
European bookshops are taking a stand against competition from the Internet, industry players say

World - International
10/10/2013 1:39:24 PM
'The enemies of Islam are awarding her because she has left Islam and has become secular,' Pakistani Taliban spokesman claims, vowing to try again to kill Malala and target bookshops selling her autobiography

Books - World
4/24/2013 3:53:33 PM
Authorised biography of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher hits bookshops, revealing an intimate side to the Iron Lady, including her first unflattering impressions of future husband Denis

Books -
3/25/2013 6:20:48 PM
Alef bookshop in Heliopolis will host writer Basma Abdel-Aziz on Tuesday, 26 March at 7pm

Books - World
9/30/2012 3:23:50 PM
Harry Potter author JK Rowling spent the day "trying to avoid newspapers" as her first novel for grown-ups hit the bookshops, but she is confident the book is "the best I can do", she told fans

Timeout - Bookstores
9/29/2012 3:46:57 PM
Since the upper middle class established its own bibliophilic bookshops have been as much about coffee and hanging out as reading

Timeout - Bookstores
8/13/2012 5:34:55 PM
Since the upper middle class established its own bibliophilic temples bookshops have been as much about a coffee and hanging out as reading

Multimedia -
4/3/2012 6:02:49 PM
Dr Edouard Lambelet, Landrock's grandson and current owner of the celebrated Lehnert and Landrock bookshop in downtown Cairo, agreed to share with Ahram Online's folk team, these rare photographic gems

Folk - Special Files
3/18/2012 8:49:24 PM
Ahram Online discovers the story of one of Cairo's most historic bookshops, and the renowned photographic collection behind it

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/13/2012 10:27:00 PM
The Agreement, which was launched at Al-Kotob Khan bookshop on 8 March, explores innovative ways to relate visual art to text

Arts & Culture - Film
2/16/2012 4:41:35 PM
Recently launched Sufi bookshop in Zamalek will screen Roberto Benigni's The Tiger and The Snow on Friday 17 February

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