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World - Region
7/23/2012 8:44:19 PM
The British government insists that the Assad regime must be held accountable for human rights violations in Syria

World - Region
7/11/2012 7:14:53 PM
A British government report on human rights and democracy lauds 2011 as 'momentous,' but is pessimistic on the future of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Sports - Omni Sports
5/15/2012 1:39:17 PM
Athletes and sports officials from violence-ridden Syria to travel to London Games despite British government warning of possible ban

Business - Economy
3/27/2012 11:49:03 AM
Source close to the Abu Dhabi ruling family says the royal family is discussing a stake in state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland with the British government

Egypt - Politics
12/18/2011 11:31:27 AM
The British government says that it will stay silent on which political figures Egypt can extradite from the UK

World - Region
12/7/2011 12:19:58 PM
The British government is not ruling out a revival of discussion with the Islamic Republic, despite the current diplomatic stand-off which follow an attack on the UK embassy in Tehran

World - International
11/16/2011 11:40:41 AM
British government claims its international standing has been undermined by allegations that its spies conspired in torture yet states it should preserve the secrecy that the espionage needs

World - Region
10/13/2011 6:31:00 PM
The Syrian ambassador to London is summoned for a third time by the British government over alleged intimidation of activists in exile

World - International
9/14/2011 1:52:18 PM
Workers in many sectors plan to strike as unions representing millions of workers call for action if the British government fails to negotiate on public-sector pension rises

World - Region
3/4/2011 2:39:48 PM
A British government official says currency containers removed to a secure location

Sports - World
3/3/2011 3:33:03 PM
West Ham's bid to move into the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Games was approved by the British government and city officials Thursday

World - Region
12/27/2010 5:32:50 PM
British government looks into the possibility of upgrading the diplomatic status of the Palestinian mission in London as a unilateral declaration of independence fills the place of the empty cycle of peace talks

Sports - Omni Sports
12/14/2010 6:53:52 PM
The British government said it plans to slash security funding for the 2012 Olympic Games in London by up to £125 million

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