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Business - Economy
12/19/2011 6:07:52 PM

Business - Economy
12/14/2011 2:49:13 PM
Iraq and the International Monetary Fund have engaged in a very successful partnership, anchored by successive IMF-supported economic programmes, says IMF head

Business - Economy
12/14/2011 1:58:29 PM
Central bank to auction $1 billion in one-year, dollar-denominated t-bills next week in effort to finance mounting budget deficit

Business - Economy
12/12/2011 12:20:52 PM
Ganzouri says new revenue streams are needed and an IMF loan is still a possibility, during Sunday's televised speech

World - International
12/10/2011 4:36:18 PM
The US defense secretary will officially proclaim the results of the US strategic review to regulate the Pentagon's budget

Business - Economy
12/10/2011 1:51:32 PM
Finance minister says government will avoid further widening so as not to lose its investment grade

Sports - Omni Sports
12/8/2011 7:23:34 PM
London Olympic organisers face significant budgetary challenges in the run-up to next year’s Games, chairman Sebastian Coe said on Thursday

Business - Economy
12/8/2011 12:35:21 PM
Possible increase in Tunisian budget deficit represents 2 per cent of the country's GDP next year compared to 2011

Business - Economy
12/7/2011 3:57:11 PM
Gulf aid helps an upsurge in state revenues leading to a drop in the country's deficit for the first quarter of the 2011/12 financial year

Business - Economy
12/4/2011 6:21:58 PM
Austerity in the public sector has to be matched with a crackdown on 'unjustifiable' pay at private firms, says deputy prime minister

Elections 2011 - News
12/4/2011 5:28:47 PM
FJP vows to use parliamentary powers to hold SCAF-appointed government to account, could bring down government by rejecting budget

Business - Economy
12/3/2011 4:52:25 PM
Egypt's nominated finance minister says the government will do its best to attend to labour demands but will not make promises it cannot uphold

Business - Economy
11/29/2011 12:38:19 PM
Egypt will offer 5 billion Egyptian pounds in reopened three- and five-year bonds on 5 December

World - Region
11/27/2011 5:56:17 PM
Netanyahu not budging to J-14 demands as he warns of Israel falling into crisis similar to that of the Eurozone

Business - Economy
11/20/2011 7:08:58 PM
Reduction suggests the government may be squeezing the ability of domestic banks to finance the state's swelling budget deficit

Business - Economy
11/16/2011 2:05:41 PM
Latest sum will be used to support the country's budget, says Egyptian planning minister

Business - Economy
11/14/2011 5:57:55 PM
Kuwait relies on oil revenues for 90 per cent of its budget

Business - Economy
11/13/2011 1:12:41 PM
Chairman puts decisoin down to belief that it isn't the role of domestic banks to finance budget deficit

Business - Economy
11/11/2011 4:48:32 PM
The package of austerity measures demanded by the European Union will now go to the lower house which is expected to approve it on Saturday, triggering the resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Business - Economy
11/9/2011 11:59:22 AM
Long-time PM to step down after parliament approves a budget law that includes reforms demanded by the eurozone, striving to stop the debt crisis spreading to its third largest economy

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