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Business - Economy
8/20/2023 2:09:59 PM
The Egyptian government has increased allocations to special funds and accounts in governorates, except for Cairo, by 32 percent for the fiscal year 2023/2024, in order to make payroll for state employees, Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait said Sunday.

Business - Economy
8/15/2023 6:27:53 PM
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) auctioned EGP 86.25 billion ($2.8 billion) worth of treasury bills and bonds on Tuesday, according to the bank's website.

Business - Economy
8/14/2023 4:27:15 PM
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) auctioned €600 million ($656.29 million) worth of treasury bills on Monday, according to the bank's website.

Business - Economy
8/10/2023 4:01:25 PM
Egypt has lowered its estimates for the debt-to-GDP ratio to 95.6 percent for the fiscal year 2022/2023, down from 97 percent, Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait stated, according to a Cabinet statement on Thursday.

World - Africa
7/29/2023 8:18:38 PM
France has suspended all development aid and budgetary support to Niger following a military coup against President Mohamed Bazoum, the French foreign ministry said Saturday.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
7/29/2023 5:26:00 PM
New head of the Egyptian Tax Authority Fayez Al-Dabaani explains plans to achieve Egypt’s targeted tax revenues.

Business - Economy
7/26/2023 2:24:10 PM
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) auctioned EGP 83 billion ($2.7 billion) in treasury bills (T-bills) on Tuesday to finance the government's debt, with two maturities available.

World - Region
7/21/2023 6:13:59 PM
Saudi Arabia on Thursday signed agreements with Tunisia to provide $500 million to help finance Tunisia's state budget.

Sports - Omni sports
7/18/2023 2:41:44 PM
The operating budget for the Paris Olympics is “under control,” the president of the organizing committee said Tuesday.

Business - Economy
7/17/2023 12:55:34 PM
Egypt has achieved a primary budget surplus of EGP 164.3 billion ($5.3 billion) in FY 2022/2023, said the Ministry of Finance.

Business - Economy
7/14/2023 5:43:00 PM
Egypt's Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait said the initial outcomes of the financial performance and the final account statement for the budget of the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 (which ended in June) indicated that most of the government's financial targets had been achieved.

Business - Economy
7/10/2023 4:16:54 PM
The Central Bank of Egypt is considering implementating a flexible exchange rate policy by the end of 2023, Fakhry El-Fiqi, Head of the Planning and Budget Committee at the House of Representatives said.

Business - Economy
7/9/2023 3:44:45 PM
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) auctioned on Sunday EGP 40 billion ($1.3 billion) in treasury bills (T-bills) across two maturities as a means to finance the government's debt.

Business - Economy
7/4/2023 1:32:51 PM
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) auctioned EGP 40 billion ($1.3 billion) in treasury bills (T-bills) in two maturities on Tuesday, to fund the government debt.

Business - Economy
6/30/2023 11:12:08 PM
Egypt's new budget for FY 2023/24 takes effect on 1 July, with higher revenues and expenditures forecasted by the government.

Business - Economy
6/28/2023 8:51:45 PM
Egypt is allocating EGP 202 billion ($6.54 billion) of its budget for the fiscal year 2023/24 to pensions, a six percent increase compared to EGP 191 billion in the current fiscal year, according to a statement by the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday.

Sports - Omni sports
6/22/2023 10:11:17 AM
The 2024 Paris Olympics are coming in significantly over budget because of an "incomprehensible lack of understanding of the complexity of the IOC's specifications", France's Court of Audit has found.

World - Region
6/21/2023 10:21:31 PM
Iraq's president on Wednesday approved a record $152 billion budget that the parliament voted on earlier this month and which adds about half a million public sector jobs drawing criticism from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for over-optimistic projections.

Business - Economy
6/20/2023 5:35:29 PM
Experts and party representatives at the Egyptian National Dialogue emphasized the importance of rationalizing public spending and reducing reliance on loans during a session on reforming the state's general budget on Tuesday.

World - War in Ukraine
6/20/2023 3:29:40 PM
Brussels on Tuesday asked EU member states to provide 50 billion euros ($55 billion) more to support Ukraine over the next four years, as part of a boost to the bloc's budget.

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