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Sports - World
7/19/2024 5:04:47 PM
The Football Association have identified a "number of candidates" to replace Gareth Southgate as they search for an England manager capable of "winning a major tournament".

World - International
7/5/2024 6:27:36 PM
Candidates in France's pivotal and polarizing legislative elections were making their last pushes on Friday for the second and decisive round of voting after a three-week campaign marked by hate speech, verbal abuse and physical attacks.

World - International
7/4/2024 8:57:56 PM
The age question for presidential candidates is more than four decades old. President Ronald Reagan answered it with a pledge to resign if he became impaired, and later with a clever joke that reset his campaign from a stumbling debate performance to a 49-state landslide and a second term.

World - Region
7/4/2024 11:19:58 AM
In a bustling Tehran prayer hall, ultraconservative Saeed Jalili has rallied fervent supporters ahead of Friday's runoff presidential vote, while his reformist rival Masoud Pezeshkian stirred up a crowd in a nearby stadium.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
7/2/2024 6:44:08 PM
Last week’s televised debate between the candidates in the US presidential election could usher in a period of calm in the Middle East or help set the entire region on fire, writes Hussein Haridy

World - International
7/2/2024 2:37:45 PM
French candidates faced a Tuesday deadline to stay in or quit the weekend's runoff election, with over 160 withdrawing so far in an effort to block the far right from winning an absolute majority.

World - International
7/2/2024 2:14:00 PM
Iran’s presidential candidates on Monday accused each other of having no solution for the country’s problems ahead of Friday's runoff election aimed at choosing a successor for the late President Ebrahim Raisi, who died last month in a helicopter crash.

World - International
7/2/2024 12:35:00 PM
Candidates in France on Tuesday faced a deadline to register for the run-off round of a high-stakes parliamentary election, as President Emmanuel Macron's centrist camp and a left-wing alliance scrambled to prevent the far right from taking power.

World - Region
6/27/2024 1:46:08 PM
Two ultraconservative candidates have pulled out of Iran's Friday presidential vote, leaving four contenders including one reformist still in the race.

World - Region
6/24/2024 2:18:08 PM
Iranians broadly deplore Western sanctions that have battered the economy, but the country's six presidential candidates offer differing solutions, assuming the winner gets a say on foreign policy.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
6/11/2024 9:50:25 PM
As feared, the list of presidential candidates in Iran lacked prominent reformist figures, minorities, or women, reports Manal Lotfy

World - Region
6/9/2024 3:40:42 PM
Iran’s Guardian Council on Sunday approved the country’s parliament speaker and five others to run in the country’s June 28 presidential election following a helicopter crash that killed President Ebrahim Raisi and seven others.

World - Region
6/8/2024 3:15:30 PM
The main coalition of reformists in Iran said on Saturday that it would only participate in this month's presidential election if at least one of their candidates is approved to run.

Sports - World
6/6/2024 9:40:25 AM
France head into Euro 2024 as quite possibly the standout candidates to lift the trophy but their prospects may to a large extent depend on Kylian Mbappe not being distracted by his club future.

Multimedia - In Pictures
6/4/2024 3:55:45 PM

World - International
6/2/2024 2:09:19 PM
Halla Tomasdottir, a businesswoman and investor, has won Iceland’s presidential election, topping a crowded field of candidates in which the top three finishers were women, the country's national broadcast service reported.

Sports - World
5/29/2024 6:36:37 PM
Vincent Kompany is the unlikely new coach of Bayern Munich after a months-long search that saw the German club rejected by several top candidates.

World - Region
5/10/2024 1:47:28 PM
Iranians had the chance to cast ballots for parliament again on Friday in regions where candidates failed to secure enough votes in March, when conservatives and ultra-conservatives won a majority.

World - Africa
3/24/2024 6:59:09 PM
Authorities in Chad said on Sunday they had barred 10 candidates, including two fierce opponents of the military regime, from standing in the presidential election on May 6.

World - Africa
3/9/2024 3:15:23 PM
Presidential candidates in Senegal kicked off their election campaigns on Saturday, following weeks of violent protests across the African country after the vote was delayed.

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