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Business - Economy
5/19/2011 2:26:48 PM
The real estate tycoon is disputing the conviction of its chairman on land-related corruption charges

Business - Economy
5/17/2011 6:03:45 PM
Changes among leading personnel and a regional tour by the market's chairman help fuel another day of solid gains

Business - Economy
5/16/2011 8:12:38 PM
Sawiris to step down

Business - Economy
5/16/2011 6:30:52 PM
The stock market sees pre-revolution levels of trading value, Arab investors cheer Arab League chief by a buying spree, and the market rejoices in the ouster of Ahmed Ezz, steel tycoon, from his post as Ezz Dekheila Chairman

Business - Economy
5/16/2011 3:21:56 PM
Ezz Dekheila announces a shakeup of its management, seeing the imprisoned steel magnate Ahmed Ezz lose his leading post

Sports - World
5/16/2011 1:31:10 PM
Argentina legend Diego Maradona is to take over as coach next season at Dubai's Al-Wasl, the club vice-chairman Marwane Ben Bayatt announced on Monday

Sports - World
5/15/2011 3:39:13 PM
English Football Association (FA) chairman David Bernstein has played down talk of leading a campaign to reform FIFA after the global governing body found itself mired in corruption claims

Egypt - Politics
5/14/2011 9:14:22 PM
In an extensive three-part interview with Al-Ahram Chairman, Egypt's top political commentator and long time critic of the Mubarak regime says the former president should be tried before parliament

Business - Economy
5/12/2011 10:17:02 AM
Dubai developer claims the 'in absentia' conviction of its chairman over land deal is politically motivated

Business - Economy
5/11/2011 4:09:24 PM
Rasekh, the chairman of SODIC, Egypt’s largest land developer and father-in-law to Alaa Mubarak, resigns from his post and real estate shares go down

Business - Economy
5/9/2011 2:18:01 PM
Exchange-traded funds and short-selling will be introduced soon while derivative trading is a possibility, says Bourse chairman

World - Region
5/1/2011 1:29:32 PM
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will end his nine-day boycott of official activities and chair a cabinet meeting on Sunday

Books -
4/30/2011 3:07:26 PM
The Egyptian Writers Union held its first post-revolution elections, voting in writer and journalist Mohamed Salmawy as president for the second consecutive session

Egypt - Politics
4/28/2011 12:09:29 PM
Amr Moussa’s press conference in Luxor witnesses a brawl ‎between Youth Coalition members and the presidential hopeful’s ‎supporters

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
4/18/2011 2:33:05 PM
Hawass, minister of Egyptian antiquities, is on the defence again, this time denying using ancient artifacts as props in a photo shoot to promote a clothing line bearing his name

Business - Economy
4/17/2011 2:25:03 PM

Business - Economy
4/17/2011 1:41:18 PM
Bourse reacts sharply to action against bank chairman facing corruption investigation

Business - Economy
4/17/2011 10:38:09 AM

Business - Economy
4/14/2011 4:46:25 PM
Ahmed Heikel unable to leave Egypt as prosecutor investigates his role in the privatisation and sale of state-owned assets

Business - Economy
4/13/2011 7:07:00 PM
Disputed Facebook page suggests Atef ‎Ebeid must stay in Egypt, but official spokesman denies Citadel Capital chairman travel ban

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