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Egypt - Politics
3/2/2019 7:20:19 PM
Sherif Sonbol visits locations on the ancient and more modern Silk Road in western China with childhood dreams in mind

Life & Style - Health
1/27/2019 12:06:53 PM
Peak levels of lead in the air coincided with its use in gasoline between the 1940s and the early 1990s

Opinion -
1/7/2019 7:24:32 PM
As the new year begins, we could all benefit from learning to respect each other more and above all from learning to respect our differences.

Egypt - Politics
11/18/2018 7:01:28 PM
Mai Samih talks to schoolchildren who are helping to spread ethical values in their communities

Egypt - Politics
10/23/2018 7:21:55 PM

Egypt - Politics
10/11/2018 11:41:30 AM
Parliament will soon be grappling with a new batch of controversial laws

Life & Style - Health
9/30/2018 12:32:27 PM
Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system disorder that causes debilitating swelling and pain in the joints

Opinion -
9/27/2018 12:46:50 PM
Egypt is launching its first campaign to tackle bullying in schools, but much more still needs to be done to tackle this endemic problem

Books -
6/6/2018 10:35:46 AM
The book documents Mohamed Salah's life from childhood, and his struggle to train under hard circumstances in a poor Egyptian village

Year End Issue - Egypt
1/2/2018 8:35:51 PM

Life & Style - Health
12/19/2017 10:03:03 AM
kids with the highest fructose consumption were still 77 percent more likely to have asthma.

Sports - World
7/9/2017 11:37:52 AM

Sports - World
7/1/2017 11:31:57 AM

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
12/27/2016 8:16:49 PM
In his new exhibition, Abdel-Ghany celebrates the city of his childhood and teenage years

Life & Style - Health
5/24/2016 1:51:56 PM
Not only can ADHD appear for the first time after childhood, but the symptoms for adult-onset ADHD may be different from symptoms experienced by kids

Sports - World
5/11/2016 3:45:03 PM

Books - News
4/13/2016 2:39:50 PM
Day said in a recent interview that she'd taken the story of her protagonists — both survivors of childhood sexual abuse — as far as she could

Opinion -
2/12/2016 12:14:33 AM
Opening the doors of the institutions of governance to citizens, especially at the stage of childhood, helps in creating healthy relations between the two sides and is positively reflected on both

Life & Style - Health
12/13/2015 11:12:36 AM
being frequently bullied at age eight, or having been both bullied and a bully, were each tied to a doubled risk of having psychiatric problems as an adult

World - Region
12/3/2015 5:15:07 PM

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