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Egypt - Foreign Affairs
1/12/2024 7:52:15 PM
Egypt has expressed its concern over the escalation of military operations in the Red Sea region following the airstrikes carried out by US and British forces in Yemen.

Business - Energy
1/12/2024 7:31:29 PM
Oil prices surged four percent on Friday after US and UK forces launched strikes against Yemen's Houthis, fueling concerns about a wider conflict in the crude-rich region.

World - Region
1/12/2024 6:48:37 PM
The United States does not seek conflict with Iran despite carrying out strikes on Yemen's Houthis to stop their attacks on Red Sea shipping, the White House said Friday.

World - International
1/11/2024 8:38:39 PM
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday called for more European weapons production and warned that any pause in the conflict would only benefit Russia.

World - International
1/10/2024 4:03:28 PM
Ecuador's president gave orders Tuesday to "neutralize" criminal gangs after gunmen opened fire in a TV studio and bandits threatened random executions on a second day of terror in the violence-riddled country.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
1/9/2024 9:47:17 PM
The focus of the Palestinian leadership is to halt the Israeli war on Gaza, resist plans to displace the Gazan population, and advance a political solution to the conflict, writes Munjed Jadou in Ramallah.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
1/9/2024 8:21:00 PM
The conflict between Hizbullah and Israel is taking on new forms following the assassination of Hamas leader Saleh Al-Arouri in Beirut.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
1/8/2024 9:54:18 AM
Top US diplomat Antony Blinken is due in Israel on Monday for difficult talks on the Israeli war on Gaza as fears grow that the conflict could engulf the wider region.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
1/7/2024 5:19:36 PM
The Ministry of Emigration and Expatriates Affairs urged Egyptian students studying in Sudan not to return to conflict zones in the country for the sake of their safety.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
1/5/2024 8:55:00 PM
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken headed back to the Middle East in his fourth trip to the region since the Gaza war began on 7 October. The chances of a regional war have increased with Israel determining to strike Hamas resistance leaders no matter where they are. Meanwhile, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and pro-Iran groups have been stepping up attacks on US-Israel interests.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
1/4/2024 5:42:23 PM
A Department of Education policy adviser appointed by the Biden administration quit Wednesday to protest the administration's crucial military support of Israel's war on Gaza and its handling of the conflict's repercussions at home and abroad.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
1/3/2024 5:42:03 PM
EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Wednesday said the international community had to "impose" a solution to the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Sports - Africa
1/3/2024 3:56:19 PM
Algerian international footballer Youcef Atal was handed an eight-month suspended sentence by a French court Wednesday for inciting religious hatred in a social media post about the conflict in Gaza.

World - War in Ukraine
1/1/2024 6:03:29 PM
President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Moscow would intensify strikes on military targets in Ukraine, after an unprecedented Ukrainian attack over the weekend on the Russian city of Belgorod.

World - Africa
12/28/2023 4:53:57 PM
The head of the UN's human rights body Thursday called for "genuine" transitional justice in Ethiopia, saying victims of abuses in conflict had to be put at the heart of the process.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
12/27/2023 5:35:00 PM
Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah II discussed on Wednesday the latest developments in the region, especially in the Gaza Strip, stressing the need to refrain from expanding the conflict, which threatens security and stability both regionally and globally.

Business - Energy
12/27/2023 12:56:09 PM
Russia has redirected its oil exports from Europe to China and India, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said Wednesday, almost two years after Moscow was hit by Western sanctions over the Ukraine conflict.

World - Region
12/27/2023 10:00:00 AM
Sudanese Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) Chairperson and Army Commander General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan will meet with the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “Hemedti," on 28 December in Djibouti, to address the ongoing conflict in Sudan, according to TSC sources.

Egypt - Presidential Elections 2024
12/22/2023 7:09:31 PM
Presidents Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and Emmanuel Macron agreed in a telephone call on Friday to intensify efforts to prevent escalation of the Gaza conflict, the Egyptian Presidency said.

Business - Economy
12/21/2023 9:11:41 PM
The current disruption of the movement of shipping vessels through the Suez Canal -- due to the conflict in the Bab al-Mandab Strait -- poses a threat to the canal’s revenues and to global trade.

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