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World - International
3/28/2013 6:13:56 PM
Warrants released in the investigation of the Newtown school massacre reveal that an arsenal of weapons including guns, a gun safe with shotgun shells, a bayonet and several swords are found in the home of the gunman

World - International
2/9/2013 10:19:41 AM
Most airlines are giving up on flying in and out of New York, Boston and other airports in the US Northeast as a massive storm threatens to dump up to a meter of snow in some parts

World - International
1/26/2013 6:08:03 PM
Residents of Connecticut, site to recent mass school shooting, plan march in support of gun control

World - International
12/21/2012 3:42:12 PM
US President Barack Obama calls Congress to pass legislation banning military-style assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition clips in response to recent school shooting

World - International
12/20/2012 9:52:59 AM
Following one of most deadly school massacres in Connecticut last week which killed 20 children, President Barack Obama calls for 'concrete' proposals by the end of January for a new task force to examine gun control laws

World - International
12/19/2012 4:00:11 PM
Following last week's school massacre, VP Joe Biden is to be appointed by President Barack Obama to lead a panel to devise new policies on gun violence

Business - Economy
12/19/2012 1:57:02 PM
Company that makes rifle used in Newtown school killings is put up for sale by its owner, some shops withdraw semi-automatic weapons from sale as Obama administration considers tightening gun laws

World - International
12/19/2012 12:08:07 PM
US schools in Newtown, Connecticut returns to daily routine with extra security posted outside buildings; the attacked school is an exception as it remained a crime scene

World - International
12/18/2012 8:59:52 PM
Following Connecticut School shooting tragedy, US President Barack Obama supports bill to ban civilians owning assault weapons

World - International
12/18/2012 8:18:16 PM
Following deadly massacre of 26 people in school shooting in Connecticut, public figures and officials comment on tragedy

World - International
12/17/2012 1:44:00 PM
As Connecticut prepared to bury the first two victims of last week's elementary school shooting President Barack Obama pledged to fight gun violence and use all his power prevent any such massacre of ever repeating

World - International
12/16/2012 9:18:45 PM
A US Democrat Senator announces her willingness to introduce a bill banning weapons' possession following the deadly school shooting in Connecticut

World - International
12/16/2012 7:08:39 PM
Following the mass shooting that killed 20 children in Connecticut, President Barack Obama arrives in the state on Sunday to mourn the dead and console the survivors

Life & Style - Health
12/16/2012 12:04:12 PM
The Connecticut masscre has spurred a debate about the link between autism, Asperger's, and extreme violence, but experts say other reasons are likely behind the catastophe

World - International
12/15/2012 9:28:35 AM
20 schoolchildren were slaughtered by an armed gunman who opened fire at a suburban elementary school in Connecticut, ultimately killing at least 27 people including himself in the one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history

World - International
12/14/2012 9:39:39 PM
In one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history, gunmen kill dozens and injure many others at an elementary school; the White House says President Obama is receiving regular updates throughout the day

Sports - Africa
7/17/2012 9:35:35 PM
A planned soccer match between Liberia and Jamaica in Connecticut has been cancelled after the promoter acknowledged the teams never agreed to play

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