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Egypt - Politics
8/29/2012 4:56:33 PM
First draft of Egypt's post-revolution national charter will be ready for popular referendum in late October, says member of constitution-drafting committee
Egypt - Politics
8/28/2012 7:50:13 PM
Disputes over Article 2 of Egypt's constitution will be resolved by a vote in the Constituent Assembly, as Salafists push for a more radical interpretation of the clause
Egypt - Politics
8/26/2012 9:41:41 PM
Egypt's Constituent Assembly – tasked with drafting new national charter – will dispatch delegations to six countries where they will discuss draft constitution with Egyptian expat communities
Egypt - Politics
8/26/2012 1:58:30 PM
According to proposals submitted by the Political System Committee of the Constituent Assembly, censure measures against corruption of government officials are to be widened and strengthened
Egypt - Politics
8/25/2012 7:19:21 PM
Hisham Kandil says a version of the country's long-awaited new charter will be ready for the public vote in just over a month
Egypt - Politics
8/21/2012 1:08:16 PM
Egypt’s President Morsi will only use legislative powers if necessary and in consultation with other political forces, says presidential spokesperson
Egypt - Politics
8/20/2012 5:47:43 PM
The 100-member Constituent Assembly has finished three quarters of the country's new constitution; as it prepares to reconvene post Eid, unresolved issues continue to cause contention
Egypt - Politics
8/18/2012 4:50:40 PM
A new law, proposed by the justice minister Ahmed Mekki, regulating Egypt's judiciary aims at guaranteeing its independence via a unified courts system, says Constituent Assembly spokesperson Wahid Abdel-Meguid
Egypt - Politics
8/18/2012 2:09:26 PM
Egypt's Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs urges on his Twitter account for boycotters of the Constituent Assembly to rejoin, saying their voice will protect freedoms
Egypt - Politics
8/16/2012 8:54:46 PM
The spokesman of the body tasked with drafting Egypt's new constitution criticises articles concerned with press and media freedoms
Egypt - First 100 days
8/13/2012 3:35:36 PM
The National Front for the Protection of the Revolution praise President Morsi's moves that wrested executive back powers away from the military, and urge him to move swiftly to fulfill promises
Egypt - Politics
8/13/2012 3:00:29 PM
Leading opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei suggests new representative constituent assembly handles legislative authorities instead of President Morsi, ensuring 'democratic' division of power
Egypt - Politics
8/12/2012 4:00:00 PM
The head of the Constituent Assembly's suggestions committee says the committee will invite journalists and writers for meeting Tuesday to discuss draft constitutional articles on freedoms
Egypt -
8/7/2012 3:58:34 PM
Secretary general of Egypt's Constituent Assembly assures completion of new constitution by end of week; decision to maintain upper house of parliament will also be made
Egypt - Politics
8/5/2012 3:23:24 PM
A member of the Constituent Assembly has revealed in public statements that Egypt's next constitution will mirror the French political system
World - Region
8/1/2012 12:30:55 PM
Somalia's UN-backed constituent assembly took eight days to debate the country's new constitution aimed at ending the incessant state of civil war since 1991
Egypt - Politics
7/31/2012 5:10:35 PM
A human rights activist further knots up the controversial Constituent Assembly in the court system, filing a petition he hopes will stop the Assembly from continuing to draft Egypt's constitution
Egypt - Politics
7/31/2012 2:15:00 PM
Egypt's beleaguered Constituent Assembly is drafting the country's new constitution amid fierce debate; Ahram Online outlines the most contentious articles
Egypt - Politics
7/30/2012 10:53:48 PM
Muslim Brotherhood representative says draft constitution will be ready for referendum by late September, while Constituent Assembly spokesman says project will require another three months
Egypt - Politics
7/30/2012 9:53:27 PM
Systems of government committee at Constituent Assembly agrees on several proposed constitutional articles pertaining to rights, privileges of Egypt's embattled executive branch
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