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Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
6/2/2013 6:17:42 PM
On Saturday 1 June, El-Fan Midan festival in Cairo's Abdeen Square was dedicated to explaining the vision behind the anti-Morsi 'Rebel' campaign

Books -
6/2/2013 11:57:52 AM
Intellectuals say it is hypocritical to accept a position from a culture minister you oppose; however newly-appointed Secretary-General Noman counters $1 million in state prizes are in danger if he doesn't

Arts & Culture - Music
6/1/2013 12:00:00 AM
Cairo Opera House strike continues as artists protest on stage against newly-appointed Egyptian culture minister and his decisions, despite scheduled concert with Ramzi Yassa

Multimedia -
5/31/2013 6:11:05 PM
Scores of artists and cultural figures hold Thursday night rally at Cairo Opera House to protest policies of newly-appointed culture minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz

Multimedia -
5/31/2013 10:01:31 AM
Egyptian artists and intellectuals protest recent culture ministry decisions and demand dismissal of Morsi-appointed minister

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/30/2013 5:11:01 PM
Taher resigned in protest at the culture minister's decision to fire a number of key culture officials in recent days, including the head of the opera house

Arts & Culture - Music
5/30/2013 12:00:00 AM
Culture Minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz refutes rumours that he had stepped down, appoints new head of Cairo Opera House despite artists' rally held to protest his recent decisions

Egypt - Politics
5/29/2013 7:21:05 PM
Head of Egypt's Supreme Council for Culture (SCC) resigns after several culture ministry officials are sacked by newly-appointed minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz

Multimedia -
5/29/2013 9:42:21 AM
Egyptian artists and Cairo Opera House staff announce plans to wage open-ended strike to demand removal of newly-appointed culture minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz

Arts & Culture - Music
5/29/2013 12:00:00 AM
After the new culture minister fires the head of the opera house, artists refused to perform Aida on Tuesday, instead holding protest signs on stage

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
5/28/2013 4:24:04 PM
Artists condemn sacking of Fine Arts chief Salah El-Meligy by Culture Minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz

Arts & Culture - Music
5/28/2013 2:01:26 PM
A number of senior arts officials have been fired by the new minister, who took office earlier in May

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
5/28/2013 9:20:33 AM
Artistic community is up in arms again against newly-appointed culture minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz, this time after he sacks Salah El-Meligy, head of Egypt's museum/exhibition administration

Arts & Culture - Film
5/27/2013 9:26:17 PM
Tunisian culture minister congratulates French-Tunisian director who clinched top prize at Cannes for sexually graphic lesbian love story 'Blue is the Warmest Colour'

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
5/27/2013 4:35:32 PM
At the opening of the 35th General Art Exhibition on Sunday 26 May, artists chanted against newly-appointed culture minister

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/19/2013 9:33:23 PM
Newly-appointed culture minister accuses head of Egypt's Arts Academy of defamation after latter alleges illicit liaison between minister and university student

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/14/2013 8:09:09 PM
Members of local cultural/intellectual community march from Cairo Opera House to newly-appointed minister's office to protest alleged 'Brotherhoodisation' of Egyptian culture

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/14/2013 3:56:02 PM
Old dispute between Sameh Mahran and the Morsi-appointed Culture Minister Abdel-Aziz surfaced quicker than expected, taking a scandalous bend

Books -
5/14/2013 11:05:10 AM
After the recent Morsi-appointed culture minister sacked an 'efficient' deputy of the General Egyptian Book Organisation he appoints Gamal El-Tellawy

Books -
5/13/2013 11:48:54 AM
7 days in office, Culture Minister Abdel-Aziz sacks Egypt's book organisation director Ahmed Megahed; Intellectuals resign from their posts and egg his car, decrying it as Brotherhood move to kill cultural life

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