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Business - Economy
7/15/2012 9:38:57 AM
New mortgage law gave a temporary leg-up to banking stocks but such reforms will struggle to boost the private sector and cut unemployment

Egypt - First 100 days
7/14/2012 6:45:22 PM
Clinton is set to ask President Morsi for a 'clear cut commitment' to the peace treaty with Israel, protection of domestic civil rights and liberties, and collaboration with military

Business - Economy
7/14/2012 5:12:44 PM
Ministers approve $80 billion austerity package that will cut public sector wages and unemployment benefits

Business - Economy
7/14/2012 1:43:48 PM
Morocco's biggest telecom group aims to save an annual $33 million with new redundancy plans

Business - Economy
7/13/2012 5:14:56 PM
Western sanctions on ship insurance, trading and shipping has disrupted flows of Iranian oil to Turkey, big part of which pass through Egyptian water

Business - Economy
7/12/2012 10:41:11 AM
Sudan launched production on $1 billion sugar plant, its biggest industrial development for many years, as the government tries to cut food imports which fuelled inflation to 37 per cent in June

Business - Economy
7/10/2012 3:00:25 PM
Sales should climb higher still for the rest of 2012 thanks to interest rate cuts, says automobile society

Business - Economy
7/9/2012 5:16:32 PM
Reduced cabinet gets to work as demonstrations rage on against unpopular cost-cutting measures

London 2012 - Analysis
7/8/2012 10:03:54 PM
The Olympics in London this year will cost more than 11 billion pounds ($17.5 billion) to set up and stage, the majority of it coming from public funds when the government is cutting spending hard in other areas

Business - Economy
7/6/2012 2:15:12 PM
IMF would cut its growth forecast in its global outlook as global economy could get worse as long as Europe was not doing enough to fix its debt crisis.

Business - Economy
7/2/2012 3:26:07 PM
African nation goes against the trend, upping its imports from the Islamic Republic just as US sanctions force others to cut back

Egypt - Politics
7/1/2012 3:43:35 PM
Residents of Nile Delta township cut Cairo-Alexandria agricultural highway to protest water cuts, reopen road following promises to increase supply, improve infrastructure

Business - Economy
6/30/2012 4:33:27 PM
Morocco's tourism hotspot is seeing a diminished number of visitors as Europe's financial crisis prompts cutbacks on holidays

Business - Economy
6/28/2012 3:42:59 PM
Iranian natural gas shipments to Turkey have been cut as the pipeline was targeted by explosion

Business - Economy
6/27/2012 12:42:52 PM
With Ramadan due to begin on 20 July, the government is racing to supply the market with cut-price commodities to meet the annual surge in consumption

Business - Economy
6/26/2012 4:43:04 PM

World - Region
6/26/2012 3:37:43 PM
Following almost two weeks of student-led protests over spending cuts, opposition parties condemn government crackdown and demand release of jailed protesters

World - Region
6/26/2012 10:12:59 AM
Despite ongoing protests in Sudan that have entered their eleventh day and an ensuing crackdown, Sudan states it is still planning to cut fuel subsidies

Business - Economy
6/25/2012 8:35:20 PM
Finance chief says government has no choice but to cut spending to plug a public finance gap estimated aat $2.4 billion

Sports - Omni Sports
6/24/2012 2:51:17 PM
After failing to make cut for the 2016 and 2020 Olympics, Qatar will bid to host the 2024 summer Games

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