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Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/25/2014 9:49:43 AM
On Saturday 29 March, 'I’ll Dance While You’re Dancing & We Will Have Danced Together' will perform behind Teatro Eskendria in Alexandria

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/11/2014 1:11:37 PM
The third edition of D-CAF offers a burst of multidisciplinary artistic events in Downtown Cairo, with some even reaching Alexandria, between 20 March and 11 April

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/6/2014 6:05:10 PM
As Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival's 3rd edition is to bring music, theatre, film and more to Cairo 20 March-11 April, Ahram Online talks to D-CAF artistic director Ahmed El-Attar

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/3/2014 10:18:23 AM
On 6 and 7 March, the main stage of the Cairo Opera House will launch Abdel Moneim Kamel Young Choreographers Festival with works prepared by dancers from the Cairo Opera Ballet Company

World - International
2/19/2014 1:31:45 PM

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
2/11/2014 4:24:03 PM
Choreographer Hazem Header is set to present his NUT trilogy for the first time in Cairo's Rawabet Theatre on Tuesday 18 February

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/30/2014 1:40:27 PM
Studio Emad Eddin announces the winners of the fifth 2B Continued theatre and contemporary dance laboratory and festival

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/21/2014 12:00:00 AM
The fifth edition of the 2B Continued festival brought strong dance and theatre performances to the Falaki Theatre this January

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/19/2014 4:48:36 PM
An intense week full of exhibitions, music, theatre and film screenings precedes the coming weekend's third anniversary of the 2011 revolution

Multimedia -
1/17/2014 7:55:04 PM
Four performances of theatre and contemporary dance by young Egyptian artists mentored throughout the past three months by the 2B Continued Festival graced Falaki's stage on 16 January

Opinion -
1/9/2014 8:39:12 AM
While some Middle East activists were not impressed by how the US foreign policy establishment danced around the Arab Spring, a closer look shows how delicate this dance was and remains

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/6/2014 1:56:17 PM
The fifth 2B Continued Festival and Theatre Laboratory will take place over three nights, 16, 18 and 19 January at Falaki Theatre in downtown Cairo

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
12/30/2013 3:39:13 PM
Remarkable writers, painters, musicians, dancers and filmmakers, from Egypt and the region... Ahram Online Arts and Culture remembers creators who passed away in 2013 leaving behind unprecedented cultural wealth.

Opinion -
12/29/2013 11:25:00 AM
Human rights and democratisation have had a marginal impact on US relations with Egypt, and indeed many Arab countries, with hard-nosed national interests predominant

Opinion -
12/23/2013 2:57:28 PM
The focus in the US administration after 1st February, 2011, had moved to the Egyptian army to ensure that it does not use violence against demonstrators.

Opinion -
12/23/2013 2:48:26 PM
Despite significant Iranian concessions made, and few incentives offered in return, in the recent nuclear deal signed in Geneva, Iranian diplomacy continues its classic pattern of decisive advances and limited reversals

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
12/15/2013 8:50:19 PM
'Urban Visions', part of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival, calls for performance proposals for the festival in March/April 2014

Opinion -
12/14/2013 10:44:36 AM
In June 2009, Obama in Cairo called for “change” but did not direct his comment to autocratic regimes that were readying to bequeath presidential power to their sons, like in Egypt

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
12/13/2013 5:17:00 PM
SOULS, a contemporary dance performance featuring six dancers from six African countries, choreographed by Olivier Dubois, will make its world premier at the Falaki Theatre on 13 and 14 December

Opinion -
12/7/2013 4:40:03 PM
Third in a series of seven op-eds examining the history of US foreign policy in the Middle East

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