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Al-Ahram Weekly - World
10/8/2019 10:20:53 PM
Despite measures designed to calm the current round of protests in Iraq, there are dangers of the demonstrations spreading and becoming more politicised, writes Ahmed Mustafa

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
8/29/2019 8:35:55 PM
Israel’s strategy against Iranian proxies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon may precipitate a conflagration on multiple fronts

Opinion -
7/3/2019 10:34:01 PM
Egypt’s 30 June Revolution sent a wake-up call to Muslim and non-Muslim communities alike about the dangers of ever letting the Islamists reach the higher echelons of power

World - International
3/21/2019 3:01:02 PM
The New Zealand mosque massacre exposes the dangers of downplaying Islamophobia

Egypt - Politics
2/20/2019 8:39:54 PM

Life & Style - Health
11/19/2018 3:47:12 PM
Cardiac arrests after inhalant abuse are common enough that they’ve been given a name: “sudden sniffing death.”

Egypt - Politics
11/5/2018 1:28:00 PM

Egypt - Politics
9/14/2018 1:26:14 PM
"There is no such thing as a free visa": Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sports - World
4/6/2017 10:24:12 AM

World - Region
7/28/2016 9:23:46 PM

Egypt - Politics
4/15/2016 3:58:44 PM
The president called for 'fixing the cracks' within Egyptian society

Egypt -
4/4/2016 8:13:27 PM
The speaker of Egypt's parliament said new legislation will be passed to 'contain the dangers of Facebook' regarding national security

Opinion -
1/2/2016 1:38:41 PM
The probe that the UK conducted into the activities and ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK appears more as a political show than a serious attempt to examine the group and its potential dangers

Life & Style - Health
10/29/2015 12:49:28 PM
Cairo University launches an awareness campaign on the dangers and signs of strokes, shedding light on the number of cases in Egypt and announcing the upcoming opening of a specialised unit offering free treatment

Life & Style - Health
10/15/2015 2:37:58 PM

Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/11/2015 3:13:01 PM
The SPAP campaign aims to raise awareness about the dangers of electing to parliament members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mubarak's National Democratic Party (NDP)

Opinion -
9/17/2015 4:16:26 PM
Beyond the dangers of arriving to safety, refugees face ongoing challenges that can come to define their lives, centred around their integration into, or alienation from, their new host societies

Egypt - Politics
7/18/2015 6:57:46 PM
In phonecalls with his British, German and French counterparts, Egypt's foreign minister stressed the importance of the country's fight against terrorism

Opinion -
2/25/2015 9:58:04 PM
While Egypt's national security concerns in Libya are legitimate and pressing, it must carefully weigh its options and find allies in a complicated international and regional scene

World - Region
1/28/2014 4:50:58 PM

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