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Arts & Culture - Visual Art
4/3/2012 11:03:08 AM
They were hit, pushed back and even fired at, but Egyptian activists have returned to the scene of deadly clashes in the heart of Cairo, determined to keep their revolution alive, this time armed with paint brushes

World - Region
3/28/2012 5:43:29 PM
non-government Armed groups in the Libyan city of Sabha called a ceasefire after three days of clashes that killed nearly 50 people

World - Region
3/27/2012 6:39:59 PM
The head of the Toubou tribe in Libya on Tuesday denounced what he said was a plan to "ethnically cleanse" his people, and raised the threat of a separatist bid, a day after deadly clashes

Egypt -
3/24/2012 2:42:01 PM
The mother of striker, Mohamed Zidan, a Port Said MP, calls for parliament session to be rescheduled in light of deadly clashes between football fans and army in Port Said early Saturday

Egypt - Politics
3/24/2012 12:35:43 PM
Following deadly clashes between Masry football fans and army forces overnight, angry protesters block highways leading to the city's industrial district in Port Said

Egypt - Politics
2/6/2012 11:20:00 PM
A raucous debate erupted in parliament between some Islamist MPs and liberals over whether or not the police were using birdshot against thousands protesting the Port Said football stadium massacre

Egypt - Politics
2/4/2012 7:21:49 PM
Presidential hopeful Amr Moussa slams ruling SCAF and calls for 'transparency' and prompt power transition, following Port Said’s deadly clashes

Egypt - Politics
2/4/2012 3:28:34 PM
Two-day old violence is brought to unpredictable halt around the ministry of interior where deadly clashes have been ongoing between protesters angry over Port Said massacre and police forces who are blamed for it

Sports - National Teams
2/3/2012 4:53:27 PM
Egypt coach Bob Bradley has no intention of resigning following Port Said’s deadly clashes

Egypt - Politics
2/1/2012 11:35:16 PM
Brotherhood spokesperson launches a scathing attack on the interior ministry in the wake of the deadly clashes following the Masry-Ahly football match in Port Said

Sports - Egyptian Football
2/1/2012 10:47:43 PM
Egyptian club Ahly freeze all sports activities following Wednesday’s deadly clashes in Port Said

Sports - Egyptian Football
2/1/2012 9:43:33 PM
Port Said’s deadly clashes prompt the Egyptian Football Association to suspend the domestic league

Egypt - Politics
2/1/2012 3:38:23 PM
National Council of Human Rights condemns forceful dispersal of protests that led to deadly clashes in and around Tahrir Square in November ‎and December, which left at least 65 dead

World - Region
1/28/2012 5:14:34 PM
Dozens of Libyans protest against the visit of the Defence Minister to an ex-bastion of Muammar Gaddafi after deadly clashes erupted in Bani Walid between a brigade of fighters who toppled Gaddafi and his supporters

Egypt - Politics
12/17/2011 4:27:00 PM
The Egyptian military is building another wall, this time on Qasr El-Ainy Street to block a different entrance to Tahrir Square following deadly clashes

Elections 2011 - News
12/15/2011 6:40:00 PM
By 2 PM, in 2010's first day of parliamentary elections, deadly clashes, violent demonstrations, wide-scale rigging and mass arrests of opposition candidates had already been reported in more than 12 governorates

Egypt - Politics
11/23/2011 2:08:30 PM
UN human rights calls for an investigation that is "prompt, impartial and independent" into the army and police killings of protesters in the five day-long deadly clashes in Egypt

Sports - Egyptian Football
11/22/2011 1:14:16 PM
Deadly clashes in Cairo and other cities are not enough reason to postpone domestic season, says EFA spokesman

Egypt - Politics
11/21/2011 11:43:20 PM
Egypt's ruling military on Monday called for crisis talks with the country's political forces, as deadly clashes raged for a third day between police and protesters demanding democratic change

Egypt - Politics
11/20/2011 3:45:36 PM
A government official says the Egyptian cabinet has no intention of resigning, despite Saturday’s deadly clashes in Tahrir Square

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