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Egypt - Courts & Law
3/4/2024 12:48:13 PM
The Public Prosecution has ordered the detention of a man and a woman, pending investigation for their alleged involvement in blackmailing Arish University student Naira El-Zoghby, who died last week at the age of 19.

World - Region
6/27/2021 2:51:26 PM
Oman reported a record number of new infections with coronavirus and 119 death cases

World - International
5/19/2021 3:31:40 PM
India on Wednesday reported more coronavirus deaths in a single day than any other country at any time during the pandemic, while infections continued to spread through vast rural areas with weak health systems.

World - International
1/13/2021 7:52:55 PM
According to WHO, the Americas remained the most affected area by COVID-19, with a total of 39,835,210 confirmed cases and 925,289 death cases, followed by Europe where 29,251,917 confirmed cases and 634,670 death cases.

World - International
11/9/2020 4:48:49 PM
Americas remain the most affected area by COVID-19, with a total of 21,730,622 confirmed cases and 659,080 death cases, followed by Europe where 13,135,548 confirmed cases and 311,336 death cases have been reported

Egypt - Politics
3/8/2020 6:42:39 PM

Egypt - Politics
10/20/2018 2:32:40 PM

Egypt - Politics
12/6/2016 6:52:49 PM
This is the third meeting in Rome between Egyptian and Italian officials over the Cambridge researcher's death case

Egypt - Politics
6/15/2015 4:43:56 PM
In August 2013, 37 people died of asphyxiation in an overcrowded police van while being transferred to the Abu Zabaal prison

Egypt - Politics
12/12/2014 6:41:16 PM
A father and doctor were previously acquitted of responsibility for killing a teenage girl in circumcision operation

World - International
12/2/2014 7:23:52 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/18/2014 11:37:48 AM

Egypt - Politics
3/18/2014 10:28:01 AM
Four policemen are charged with manslaughter in relation to the Abu Zabaal prison van incident in August, when 37 people died

World - International
10/9/2013 1:55:55 PM
A Pakistani court grants bail to former military ruler Pervez Musharraf in a ruling which takes him a step closer to being released from house arrest

Egypt - Politics
7/4/2013 11:16:57 AM
Clashes after ouster of Mohamed Morsi leave 10 dead and 481 injured across 17 governorates