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World - International
7/31/2012 12:27:22 PM
Eight people have been reportedly killed as Typhoon Saola in the Philippines continues to create havoc for the third day, displacing thousands

World - International
7/28/2012 2:37:04 PM
At least 88 people died and 63,000 are left homeless as a result of destructive floods in North Korea

World - Region
7/24/2012 11:15:27 AM
A string of coordinated bomb attacks in Iraq kill over a hundred people in Baghdad and Baquba, in a target against Shiite districts

World - International
7/23/2012 3:46:31 PM
The death toll from a wildfire that is burning out of control in northeastern Spain rises to four, the Catalan regional government said

World - Region
7/20/2012 11:41:47 AM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 300 people were killed on Thursday during clashes across Syria, reaching the highest death toll in the 16-month uprising against the regime

Egypt - Politics
7/18/2012 8:44:08 PM
Total death toll reaches 22 dead, 7 injured; Alexandria security officials charge local building owners with ignoring safety warnings, failure to maintain properties

World - Region
7/18/2012 8:19:22 PM
Syrian rights group says almost 100 people were killed following clashes in different towns including the capital Damascus, Homs, Hama and the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmuk

World - Region
6/29/2012 11:30:00 AM
Witnesses post videos showing spiraling death toll in besieged Syrian town of Douma; 190 killed across country on Thursday in one of deadliest days of 16-month-old anti-Assad regime uprising

World - International
6/22/2012 5:00:47 PM
A recent report reveals a reduction in the number of hostages taken by Somali pirates, falling from 645 in 2010 to 555 in 2011

World - International
6/18/2012 10:16:53 AM
Death toll from multiple suicide attacks on churches in northern Nigeria rises to 45; the attacks trigger rioting by Christian youth targeting Muslims in Kaduna

World - Region
6/17/2012 3:27:57 PM
Assad regime shells Syrian city of Homs on Sunday, killing at least ten people as weekend death toll rises countrywide

World - Region
6/16/2012 2:48:43 PM
Shiite pilgrims are again targeted, raising the death toll from car bombings in Baghdad to at least 32 in the third attack of its kind in a week

World - International
6/16/2012 11:01:13 AM
A car bomb kills at least 13 people at a market in northwest Pakistan and the death toll is expected to rise, security and hospital officials said

World - Region
6/14/2012 8:10:22 PM
Syrian anti-regime activists say the death toll reached 35 people on Thursday following an vehicle explosion in a garame from Sayyida Zeinab shrine

World - International
6/14/2012 7:28:47 PM
The Pentagon says that the death toll of the US troops in Afghanistan has exceeded 2000 since the invasion of the domestically-turbulent state in 2001; yet, the rate is much higher in Iraq

World - Region
6/14/2012 4:18:52 PM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the death toll on Thursday reached 22 people following violent confrontations between regime force and rebels across Syria

World - International
6/4/2012 1:06:11 PM
Death toll of a suicide bombing outside Shia endowment in Baab Al-Muadham, central Baghdad, rises to 22 while a further 65 people were injured

World - International
5/28/2012 5:22:01 PM
Two NATO soldiers died after a NATO aircraft crashed during routine operations in eastern Afghanistan raising the NATO death toll to 10 in three days; ISAF did not reveal the nationalities of the victims

World - Region
5/26/2012 11:18:50 AM
The death toll rise to at least 90 from Syrian shelling on the town of Houla as residents continue to flee the city

World - Region
5/18/2012 1:00:25 PM
The UNSMIS is closing on its full strength of 300 monitors as the international community insists on Annan's plan for solving the year-long crisis in Syria despite possibilities of its failure and absence of plan B

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