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Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
6/11/2024 5:09:08 PM
The world is facing an even more serious debt crisis than the world financial crisis of 2008, with the countries of the Global South being the hardest hit, writes Mahmoud Mohieldin

Al-Ahram Weekly - Economy
5/15/2024 10:34:00 AM
Finance Minister Mohamed Maait has been heavily criticised by MPs over Egypt’s growing debt crisis.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
3/19/2024 3:16:36 PM
Recent sharp fluctuations in international interest rates have posed tough challenges for the developing economies, with many now threatened by a vicious debt crisis that could leave them with crippling costs, writes Mahmoud Mohieldin

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
9/10/2023 5:48:41 PM
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi emphasized the urgent need to address the escalating debt burdens of developing countries during the closing session of the G20 Summit in New Delhi on Sunday.

Opinion - Opinion
8/9/2023 12:13:00 PM
With many developing countries gripped by a crippling debt crisis, advanced economies are not delivering the promised support for the Sustainable Development Goals

Business - Economy
6/21/2023 6:56:32 PM
The world's poorest countries are bearing the brunt of the world's debt crisis, at a time when they need more cash than ever to fight climate change.

World - International
5/25/2023 10:52:33 PM
President Joe Biden declared Thursday the United States would avoid a disastrous credit default even as lawmakers went on a 10-day break without a deal on raising the nation's borrowing limit to keep paying the bills.

Business - Economy
3/21/2023 8:05:16 PM
Egyptian Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait has called on the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) to support Egypt’s ‘Sustainable Debt Coalition’ initiative, inviting member states to join the coalition in order to “unify the African position on the debt crisis in international forums.”

World - International
1/9/2022 10:01:39 AM
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in Sri Lanka on Sunday seeking to advance China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, as the island nation looked to Beijing for help as it tries to rescue itself from a foreign currency and debt crisis.

World - International
1/1/2022 12:23:47 PM
The euro on Saturday marks 20 years since people began to use the single European currency, overcoming initial doubts, price concerns and a debt crisis to spread across the region.

Business - Markets & Companies
12/9/2021 6:50:39 PM
As real estate firms Evergrande and Kaisa default on over a billion dollars of bond repayments after weeks of uncertainty, here is an explainer on what the debt crisis in China's real estate market could mean for the country's economy

World - International
1/18/2021 9:44:24 PM
Greece, Spain and Italy all share towering debt levels but, to make matters worse, they are also service-based economies highly dependent on tourism that has ground to a halt because of the pandemic

World - Region
7/18/2020 3:40:37 PM

World - Region
2/20/2020 3:05:00 PM

Arts & Culture - 8th Euro Film Panorama
11/27/2015 6:41:39 PM
The 8th Panorama of the European Film brings a selection of seven short films centred on the country’s five-year old debt crisis

Business - Economy
7/5/2015 3:24:25 PM

World - International
6/29/2015 5:51:14 PM

World - International
6/7/2015 10:31:40 AM

World - International
10/16/2013 7:51:28 PM
All you need to know about the US government's situation and possible scenarios for the ongoing debt crisis

Multimedia -
6/1/2013 6:03:32 PM
Thousands rallied in central Frankfurt Saturday to voice growing European discontent over severe austerity measures applied across the debt ridden continent

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