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World - Region
7/14/2012 11:10:42 AM
Iran is ready to play a role alongside other regional countries to try to establish a dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition

World - Region
7/10/2012 11:34:30 AM
Opposition Syrian National Council claims priority is to work towards the fall of Assad, as Russia states the Moscow talks should not decide fate of Bashar al-Assad

World - Region
6/27/2012 9:48:08 AM
Cyprus, which on 1 July will assume the rotating presidency of the European Union, is ready with its European partners to evacuate refugees from Syria, the foreign minister claims

World - Region
6/23/2012 12:52:52 PM

World - International
6/20/2012 7:56:58 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/1/2012 9:30:00 AM
US-Egyptian ties will be cooler than they were under ex-president Hosni Mubarak, who was the linchpin to US diplomacy in the Middle East, no matter who wins Egypt's presidential election, analysts say

World - Region
5/30/2012 1:27:15 PM
In latest diplomatic row between Syria and foreign governments over the latest Houla massacre, Syria responds by discharging Dutch charge d'affaires from Damascus

World - Region
5/30/2012 11:14:02 AM
Syrian ambassador to Tokyo is expelled following similar acts by eight other countries on Tuesday, following mounting international outrage over Houla massacre

World - Region
5/21/2012 7:14:08 PM
Iranian diplomat has reportedly groped at least four underaged Brazilian girls

Business - Economy
5/18/2012 4:38:36 PM
Britain's Prime minister David Cameron backs Hollande deficit plans

World - Region
5/15/2012 5:38:21 PM
The trial of Iraq's fugitive vice-president, Tareq al-Hashemi, opened in his absence on Tuesday and one of the witnesses screamed abuse across the courtroom

World - Region
5/9/2012 5:34:11 PM
Ashton meets Netanyahu to discuss nuclear talks; Israeli PM doubts efficacy of meeting, believes Iran is playing for time

World - International
5/3/2012 7:48:11 PM
Leading Chinese dissident claims Washington made a 'serious mistake' in allowing blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng to leave its Beijing embassy

World - Region
5/3/2012 2:51:49 PM
South Sudanese citizen detained by the Sudanese army along with a South African, Norwegian and Briton is denied communication with his country, says ambassador

World - Region
4/15/2012 3:51:52 PM
The escalating border dispute between Sudan and South Sudan prompts Egypt to send its top diplomat to help resolve the crisis

World - Region
4/7/2012 2:11:07 PM
A senior Iraqi minister met Turkish officials this week for talks on bilateral ties already strained over a political crisis engulfing neighbouring Iraq

World - Region
4/5/2012 5:10:50 PM
Recent debate over the venue for Iran's nuclear talks with world powers, where Turkey was a leading option, turns murky as a result of the Syrian crisis

World - Region
3/26/2012 10:23:17 AM
Turkey shuts down its embassy in the Damascus as members of the Syrian opposition meet in Istanbul

World - Region
3/25/2012 12:02:37 PM
Ahead of Erdogan trip to Iran, Obama tells the Turkish Prime Minister that there is still time for diplomacy with Tehran over its nuclear programme

World - Region
3/21/2012 1:49:09 PM
Japan joins the US, Canada, France, the UK and others in suspending diplomatic activity in Syria

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