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Sports - National Teams
3/21/2024 11:02:48 PM
Egypt's U-23 national football team coach Rogerio Micale on Thursday set his sights on replicating Brazil's 2016 Olympic gold medal triumph at the Paris Games this summer.

Life & Style - City Lights
9/6/2023 11:35:48 AM
The embassy of the Dominican Republic in Egypt held a ceremony to unveil the first bust in Egypt and Africa of Juan Pablo Duarte, the founder of the Dominican Republic.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Music and dance
6/20/2023 6:51:05 PM

Arts & Culture - Music
6/19/2023 9:18:59 PM
Renowned Dominican violinist Aisha Syed Castro will perform at the Cairo Opera House during the celebration of the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Egypt and the Dominican Republic.

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
11/3/2022 4:34:40 PM
The Dominican-Egyptian expedition led by Kathleen Martinez unearthed a monumental tunnel-aqueduct system and various royal busts and statues, potentially dating to the Graeco-Roman period, near the Ptolemaic-period Taposiris Magna temple in Borg El-Arab, west of the city of Alexandria on the Mediterranean.

World - International
9/20/2022 10:44:31 AM
A strengthening Hurricane Fiona barreled toward the Turks and Caicos Islands on Tuesday as it threatened to strengthen into a Category 3 storm, prompting the government to impose a curfew.

World - International
9/19/2022 2:27:35 PM
Hurricane Fiona bore down on the Dominican Republic Monday after knocking out the power grid and unleashing floods and landslides in Puerto Rico, where the governor said the damage was ``catastrophic.''

World - International
9/19/2022 9:41:02 AM
Hurricane Fiona smashed into Puerto Rico on Sunday, knocking out the US island territory's power while dumping torrential rain and wreaking catastrophic damage before spinning off towards the Dominican Republic.

Arts & Culture - Screens
5/27/2022 12:52:15 PM
Actor Ray Liotta, who starred in Martin Scorsese's gangster classic "Goodfellas," has died suddenly in the Dominican Republic, officials and police said Thursday. He was 67.

World - International
6/21/2021 6:33:14 PM
Biden announced that the US was purchasing 500 million doses from Pfizer to donate globally over the coming year, with the first deliveries expected in August

World - International
8/4/2020 11:43:56 AM
Pressure had been building on the once-popular, now divisive, former king as Spanish and Swiss prosecutors investigated allegations of bribes over a high-speed rail contract

World - International
7/5/2020 3:23:27 PM

World - International
8/20/2018 7:01:47 PM

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6/8/2018 5:23:16 PM

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1/14/2018 2:47:26 PM

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9/20/2017 9:27:15 PM

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9/19/2017 9:59:16 AM

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