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Business - Economy
8/7/2011 5:02:26 PM
The US rating downgrade sparks immediate declines in the Middle East's financial markets as concerns rise over the state of the global economy

Business - Economy
8/7/2011 4:44:49 PM
The decision to cut the US's top-tier credit rating by a notch could mean a hit for Egypt's stock exchange, foreign direct investment and overseas trade, say local experts

Business - Economy
8/7/2011 4:03:43 PM
Head of sovereign ratings says the impact of the credit downgrade on markets will be mild, calling the treasury department's criticism of its analysis 'a complete misrepresentation'

Business - Economy
8/7/2011 3:11:21 PM

Business - Economy
8/7/2011 11:58:39 AM

Business - Economy
8/6/2011 11:19:02 PM
The largest stock market in the region lost more than 5 per cent in its first day of trading, as analysts wait for the effect on Middle East markets on Sunday

Business - Economy
8/2/2011 4:53:24 PM
Financial ratings agency downgrades its credit rating on mobile phone company Nokia on lower than expected device sales

Business - Economy
7/29/2011 1:13:52 PM
Moody's announced that it was planning to downgrade Spain's debt rating, currently at a "Aa2", due to the country's budget problems

Business - Economy
7/25/2011 10:45:08 AM
US rating agency downgrades Greece, sending warning signs that the country's second bail-out will weaken its credit rating and result in a default

Business - Economy
7/14/2011 4:28:53 PM
The dollar is losing ground after Moody's warned that it could cut the U.S. debt rating if politicians can't get a deal done on raising the nation's debt limit

Business - Economy
4/20/2011 6:18:42 PM
Moody's report on the banking sector is adding to corruption investigation woes, leading investors to retrench in safer stock

Business - Economy
4/19/2011 6:30:37 PM
Exposure to lower-rated Egyptian sovereign debt and the effect of political turmoil on the economy see the country's banking system downgraded

Business - Economy
4/13/2011 11:47:26 AM
Statement from ratings agency says there's insufficient information to main financial coverage

Business - Economy
3/16/2011 4:33:52 PM
Recovery likely to be 'subdued', says policy and research body

Business - Economy
3/16/2011 2:52:08 PM
Moody's cites concerns over transition to effective government

Business - Economy
3/3/2011 5:32:41 PM
Credit rater drops Gulf state a notch amid instability

Business - Economy
3/2/2011 5:30:21 PM
Agency cites poor short-term outlook for stability and the economy

Business - Economy
2/23/2011 3:04:43 PM
Agency expects ratings to remain investment grade barring 'extreme outcome'

World - Region
12/13/2010 4:49:31 PM
Iranian lawmakers have called on the government to downgrade relations with Britain, pointing to frequent internal meddling and "impudent" behaviour by the country's ambassador

Sports - World
12/6/2010 7:59:00 PM
UEFA on Monday diluted Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho's punishment over the apparently deliberate red cards received by two of his players in a Champions League match against Ajax

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