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5/18/2012 4:19:06 PM
Bank begins the third phase of its Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) with a total investment worth 15-25 billion euros

Business - Economy
5/8/2012 12:30:29 PM
Expansion awaits approval of bank's 65 shareholding nations but a 1 billion-euro special fund might fill the gap in the meantime, says institution's president

Business - Economy
4/18/2012 1:45:40 PM
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development says it's expanding its mandate to invest in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco

Business - Economy
1/3/2012 1:46:43 PM
New memberships mean two more Arab nations will be able to receive investment and assistance from the Europe-based development bank

Business - Economy
12/13/2011 1:29:27 PM
First project will help expansion of Fast Transport Group, an Egyptian-owned firm providing private transport in Alexandria and Cairo, says bank

Business - Economy
11/28/2011 2:23:31 PM
Lending institution says it aims to help grain producers realise their production potential, a move which could help Egypt, the world's largest wheat importer

Business - Economy
9/21/2011 5:18:34 PM
EBRD shareholders are considering an extension of the bank's mandate to include the southern and eastern Mediterranean, and the Hashemite kingdom's rulers seem keen to join

Business - Economy
6/24/2011 1:28:55 PM
Following the pro-democratic changes in north Africa, the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development may expand its membership to the region, and is looking at requests from Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco

Business - Economy
5/21/2011 11:17:19 AM
Lending programmes for reconstruction and development should not 'force the process', Russian finance minister says

Business - Economy
5/21/2011 11:16:55 AM
Reconstruction bank is expected to begin Egyptian operations later this year, leading to potential loans of 100-200 million euros by next spring

Business - Economy
12/21/2010 5:26:17 PM
Sustainable energy projects to benefit from funding

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