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Business - Economy
8/22/2011 4:46:46 PM
Italian and French firms Eni and Total could emerge as the big winners in post-war Libya due to their countries' heavy support for the rebels, say industry observers

Business - Economy
8/22/2011 4:04:21 PM
Rebel success in the capital spurs gains on the stock market for energy and tech firms previously hit hard by the uprising

Business - Economy
7/14/2011 3:07:39 PM
The decision comes after ENI angered Tripoli by suspending operations and establishing ties with rebels trying to overthrow Gaddafi

Business - Economy
6/22/2011 5:08:34 PM
A source close to the investigation said the inquiry was also looking into the Italian firms Bonatti, Ansaldo, Renco, Elettra Energia and Elettra Progetti over suspected bribes or promises of kickbacks

World - Region
6/16/2011 1:54:56 PM
Ayman Al-Zawahiri has taken over most infamous terrorist network in the world. But who is he?

Arts & Culture - Film
5/22/2011 1:17:00 PM
The fourth Arab-Iberoamerican Women film festival closed on Friday 20 May with a heart-warming film on the life of the enigmatic Argentinean cartoonist, Ricardo Siri Liniers

Business - Economy
5/21/2011 11:49:41 AM
Discussions will centre on plan to create a new national oil company to get around sanctions, says an Italian newspaper

Business - Economy
4/4/2011 7:06:24 PM
Charm offensive by major player Eni backed by Italy's full recognition of rebels

Business - Economy
3/16/2011 5:08:29 PM
Analysts doubtful of early return by big firms, believe small traders will benefit

Business - Economy
3/16/2011 1:16:16 PM
Firm still producing gas, claims it will be unaffected by crisis outcome

Business - Region
12/22/2010 4:26:42 PM

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