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War in Ukraine - Economy
3/2/2022 1:21:51 PM
China won't join the United States and European governments in imposing financial sanctions on Russia, the country's bank regulator said Wednesday.

World - International
1/9/2022 8:17:06 PM
Several thousand protesters marched in Brussels on Sunday to oppose anti-coronavirus regulations, as European governments mull tighter rules in the face of the omicron wave.

World - International
12/18/2021 4:53:58 PM
The new corona mutant "Omicron" prompted European governments to announce new restrictions to combat its spread.

World - International
12/5/2021 11:14:36 AM
Pope Francis returns Sunday to Lesbos, the Greek island at the heart of a massive wave of migration into Europe six years ago, after pointedly criticizing European governments on their current handling of migrants during a visit to two hard-hit countries.

World - International
9/28/2021 2:12:49 PM
EU governments on Tuesday gave final approval to 5.4 billion euros ($6.3 billion) in emergency funds to member states punished by the economic fallout of Brexit, with the biggest payouts going to Ireland and France.

World - Region
7/14/2021 12:16:13 PM
European governments increasingly rely on and support North African countries with fewer resources to handle search and rescue operations

World - Region
5/18/2021 5:06:20 PM
In recent months, several European governments reopened their embassies in Tripoli after years of closure as an act of support of the newly-elected transitional authorities

World - International
4/9/2021 5:40:51 PM
The EU official said the EU executive had already decided to approach Pfizer-BioNTech and that EU governments backed the plan, though there was not yet a definitive approval

World - International
1/17/2021 10:13:42 PM
'The detainment of Alexei Navalny upon arrival in Moscow is unacceptable,' Michel, who coordinates EU governments in Brussels, tweeted

World - International
12/2/2020 5:09:11 PM
European governments are tacking serious actions to avoid spreading the coronavirus during the Christmas season

Life & Style - Health
10/11/2020 6:04:52 PM
The World Health Organization’s top emergencies expert said that European governments must take decisive action to shut down transmission of the coronavirus, including by curbing mass gatherings, to avoid more painful lockdowns.

Life & Style - Health
6/13/2020 5:07:14 PM

Opinion -
9/7/2018 12:50:02 PM
European governments must stop their support for the Tehran regime if they are serious about curbing Iranian threats in the region

World - International
7/24/2018 6:03:42 PM

World - International
3/22/2016 12:41:15 PM

World - International
9/27/2015 12:34:20 PM

Business - Economy
6/8/2014 4:15:15 PM
Several European governments include illegal activities and criminal economy in its national accounts to improve economic indicators

Business - Economy
6/14/2013 12:57:16 PM
Hollywood-shunning France refuses to participate in major trade agreement between US and 26 EU governments unless movies and digital media are left out

Business - Economy
2/4/2013 5:13:59 PM
US and European governments issue increasingly stern warnings about travel to Egypt due to ongoing political unrest and street clashes

Business - Economy
1/12/2013 11:55:52 AM
The UK's shadow justice minister calls on the UK government to accelerate efforts to trace and return Mubarak-era assets to Egypt

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