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World - Region
6/23/2012 2:02:22 PM
Khartoum sees outburst of social unrest over past week as regime tries to crush student-led movement

Business - Economy
6/22/2012 4:20:02 PM
Deepening economic crisis is sparking creative protests from Spaniards frustrated at wide-ranging budget cuts while banks which lent recklessly are due to receive billions in European aid

Euro2012 - News
6/18/2012 8:13:29 PM
Three countries at the heart of the euro zone's economic crisis do battle for places in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals on Monday hoping to join Germany and debt-stricken Greece in the last eight

Euro2012 - News
6/17/2012 10:40:16 AM
Amid the gloom of a political and economic crisis, Greece's gutsy 1-0 win over heavily-favored Russia to advance to the Euro 2012 quarterfinals has at last given the country's crisis-weary citizens something to cheer about

World - Region
6/13/2012 4:33:58 PM
The independence of South Sudan, severe economic crisis and unaffordable fuel prices raise expectations of nationwide protests in Sudan against President Omar Al-Bashir's regime

Business - Economy
5/26/2012 2:17:32 PM
Tunisia's economy recovery may face hiccups as Europe, the country's main trading partner, faces economic uncertainty

World - International
5/19/2012 2:01:05 PM
As Europe's economic crisis is feared to poised to worsen, Leaders of G8 are putting their eyes on the continent's woes

World - International
5/18/2012 7:24:22 PM
Newly-elected French President Francois Hollande enters his first White House talks with President Barack Obama to discuss the world's economic crisis and the French-US disagreements on Afghanistan

Business - Economy
5/2/2012 11:26:40 AM
More than 6,200 Spanish journalists have lost their jobs since late 2008, says press association, calling it the 'most severe situation' in the sector's history

Business - Economy
4/30/2012 2:29:23 PM
Stimulus may gradually be replacing belt-tightening as the West's favoured way out of economic crisis

Business - Economy
4/27/2012 2:42:51 PM
Mounting economic crisis confronts Spain as international financial institution Standard and Poor's downgrades its credit rating on high jobless level

Business - Economy
4/18/2012 7:19:58 PM
The global economic crisis and political unrest have led the group to upwardly revise its unemployment estimates for the region, says an official at the opening of Cairo conference

Business - Economy
4/17/2012 6:06:13 PM
Egypt will be hit by the fallout from the European economic crisis which takes its toll on remittances, exports and tourism; unemployment will remain resilient despite growth pick up, a recent IMF report shows

Business - Economy
2/19/2012 1:01:40 PM
Debt postponement agreed in light of Sudan's economic crisis following succession of oil-rich South Sudan

Business - Economy
2/7/2012 5:54:26 PM
Economic crisis in Sudan has led to rising food prices and soaring inflation

Opinion -
2/4/2012 4:13:40 PM
Again this year, the World Economic Forum builds an unbreachable wall between itself and its failed ideas and the rest of the world

Opinion -
1/11/2012 6:10:49 PM
Maintaining the value of the Egyptian pound is not a goal in itself but actually a tool of economic policy to end the current inertia

Business - Economy
1/4/2012 1:34:18 PM
Food costs see marginal fall but analysts say ongoing economic crisis and high unemployment could still lead to social unrest

World - International
1/3/2012 2:20:25 PM
US republican candidate Mitt Romney says Europe must solve its economic crisis on its own

Egypt - Politics
12/22/2011 7:26:00 PM
At Thursday presser, El-Ganzouri says post-revolution international aid pledges - by G8, Arabs and US - have failed to materialise

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