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Business - Energy
3/3/2023 5:29:00 PM
Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El-Molla announced the launch of the first international tender of its kind for developing "aging" oilfields through the Egypt Upstream Gateway (EUG).

Business - Energy
2/12/2023 2:08:00 PM
Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Tarek El-Molla said on Sunday that four international tenders in the excavation domain were launched through "Egypt Upstream Gateway" in 2022 and three other ones will be floated this year.

Business - Energy
1/3/2022 1:01:42 PM
Egypt awarded eight oil exploration blocks to oil giants Eni, British Petroleum, Apex International, Energy Egypt, United Energy, Enap Sipetrol, and Ina, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced on Monday.