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Egypt - Politics
1/3/2014 9:40:39 AM

Egypt - Politics
12/26/2013 6:13:27 PM
Pope Tawadros II believes Egyptian authorities should hold presidential elections before parliamentary elections

Egypt - Politics
12/19/2013 3:28:10 PM
Muslim Brotherhood denounces Egyptian authorities for charging ousted President Mohamed Morsi and other Islamists with terrorism and conspiring with foreign groups, says the allegations are "risible"

Egypt - Politics
11/11/2013 5:39:47 PM
Human Rights Watch urges Egyptian authorities to abide by the 1951 Refugees Convention and refrain from the detention and ill-treatment of Syrian refugees in Egypt

Sports - National Teams
11/4/2013 6:19:00 PM
Ghana ask for details of safety guarantees made by Egyptian authorities ahead of the two sides' clash in the second leg of the 2014 World Cup playoff

Egypt - Politics
10/21/2013 1:42:55 PM
Egyptian authorities detain tens of Azhar University students after protests on campus in support of Morsi

Egypt - Politics
10/14/2013 3:08:38 PM
Sustained crackdown by Egyptian authorities sees another prominent Brotherhood member Walid Al-Haddad arrested Monday in Giza

Egypt - Politics
10/14/2013 1:11:54 PM
Egyptian authorities to close Rafah border crossing with Palestinian Gaza Strip from Monday until Friday amid continued crackdown on Islamist militants in Sinai Peninsula

Egypt - Politics
10/7/2013 4:06:39 PM
Procedural travel ban still not lifted on two Canadians recently freed by Egyptian authorities after being arrested during clashes in August

Egypt - Politics
9/25/2013 8:54:15 AM
Egypt's top diplomat warns of "severe response" if Hamas threatens Egypt's national security, as tension grows between the Gaza ruling Islamist group and Egyptian authorities

Egypt -
9/16/2013 7:29:44 PM
Egyptian authorities will open the border crossing with the Gaza strip for four hours on Wednesday and Thursday for emergency cases only

Egypt - Politics
9/12/2013 11:20:55 AM
Qatari-based network Al Jazeera opens legal proceeding in international courts and at UN against Egyptian authorities over harassment of staff, jamming its signals

Business - Economy
9/8/2013 5:49:57 PM
Financial disclosure of ousted president Mohamed Morsi's land and assets is examined by legal authorities

Egypt - Politics
9/8/2013 3:12:45 PM
A stork once detained by Egyptian authorities on suspicion of being a winged spy has been found dead on an island in the Nile

Egypt - Politics
9/5/2013 10:31:01 AM
Qatar-based broadcaster said was forced to change frequencies after Egyptians authorities deliberately jammed its signals

Egypt - Politics
9/1/2013 7:31:01 PM
Three accused of firing at a Ship passing the Suez Canal have been arrested by Egyptian authorities, says an army source

Egypt - Politics
9/1/2013 5:55:03 PM
Qatari channel Al Jazeera English reporters were deported by Egyptian authorities after being charged of working without permits

Egypt - Politics
8/31/2013 5:34:13 PM
Facebook's Global Government Requests Report shows Egyptian authorities have requested information on 11 Facebook accounts

Egypt - Politics
8/20/2013 1:45:26 PM
UN presses for approval from Egyptian authorities to send observers to monitor situation in the country

Egypt - Politics
8/14/2013 12:28:37 PM
EU says 'violence won't lead to any solution' in Egypt

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