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Egypt - Politics
8/14/2013 12:28:37 PM
EU says 'violence won't lead to any solution' in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
8/12/2013 2:08:10 PM
Egyptian authorities reportedly reopen the lifeline border from Gaza to Egypt with restricted hours and setting strict qualifications for who can cross

Egypt - Politics
8/8/2013 12:20:22 PM
Egyptian authorities will reopen the Egypt-Gaza crossing on Monday, after the Eid Al-Fitr holiday

Egypt - Politics
7/31/2013 4:58:15 PM
Guido Westerwelle receives no response from Egyptian authorities to his request for a meeting with deposed president Mohamed Morsi

Sports - Egyptian Football
7/14/2013 4:35:49 PM
Zamalek and Ahly may be forced to play CAF matches abroad after Egyptian authorities refuse to secure Cairo derby amid country's ongoing political crisis

Egypt - Politics
7/14/2013 2:12:20 PM
Disruption caused by ouster of Mohamed Morsi has led Egyptian authorities to take eye off Ethiopia dam issue, Irrigation Minister Mohamed Bahaaeddin says

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2013 11:43:15 AM
Egyptian authorities decide to open its crossing with Gaza for several hours

Egypt - Politics
6/29/2013 4:27:03 PM
Rights group releases a statement calling on Egyptian authorities to ensure security forces uphold right to peaceful protest

Business - Economy
6/20/2013 7:32:50 PM
IMF spokesperson said the international body was working "constructively" with Egyptian authorities on loan negotiations

Egypt - Politics
6/10/2013 11:05:10 PM
After making contentious remarks about 'Islamic fascism,' Germany-based author Hamed Abdel-Samad appeals to Egyptian authorities for protection against campaign launched by hard-line Islamists calling for his death

Egypt - Politics
6/4/2013 10:52:41 PM
Ethiopian officials attempt to reassure Cairo that Grand Renaissance Dam project won't adversely affect latter's water supply, invite relevant Egyptian authorities to 'discuss' issue

Egypt - Politics
5/19/2013 8:20:27 PM
Tribal coalition in Sinai Peninsula is working with Egyptian authorities to discover whereabouts of seven security personnel kidnapped last week

Egypt - Politics
5/12/2013 10:31:58 PM
Despite settlement of two legal cases against him, Mubarak-era trade minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid remains wanted by Egyptian authorities

Business - Economy
5/9/2013 5:38:06 PM
Spokesperson Gerry Rice says IMF staff are working with Egyptian authorities from headquarters, but says he does not envision a visit to Cairo in the coming period

Egypt - Politics
4/30/2013 3:58:26 PM
Egyptian accused of spying for Israel arrested and interrogated by Egyptian authorities

Egypt - Politics
4/14/2013 10:07:22 PM
Chinese embassy thanked Egyptian authorities for rescuing a Chinese citizen from under the rubble of a building that collapsed in Cairo Sunday

Egypt - Politics
4/9/2013 7:26:18 PM
Cousin and former aide of late Libyan leader, wanted by Tripoli for alleged arms possession and attempted murder, is temporarily detained by Egyptian authorities pending investigation

Business - Economy
3/20/2013 12:24:51 PM
Indian conglomerate in talks with Egyptian authorities over establishment of solar cell factory, automobile plants and hotel chains in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
3/19/2013 7:41:00 PM
Egyptian authorities and Interpol arrested 3 Libyan former officials in Cairo, all wanted by the new Libyan government

Egypt - Politics
3/16/2013 6:52:40 PM
Source tells Ahram Online that the embassy repeatedly requested protection from Egyptian authorities against recurrent attacks, in the face of a controversy about the death of a Christian Egyptian in Libya

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